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Increasing Max DL with Only 300lbs?

hi, i’ve been doing starting strength for awhile because i’m always putting weight on the bar, but one thing i can’t add more weight to my deadlift because i only have 300lbs, i usually do at the end of my lift when its time to deadlift a set of 8, but are there any variations or routines to still increase my max deadlift? i’m trying to get plates but i’m broke as shit right now :[


stand on a box whilst deadlifting.

x2 on deficit pulling + straight leg deads and rdls as heavy as you can

Snatch grip can be killer. Especially when combined with standing on a box.

do you guys have any videos demonstrating this stuff? i really appreciate the tips

Look up Deficit deadlifts and snatch grip deadlifts on youtube, you’ll find something.

2 short bands from under your feet and over the bar should do the trick for adding resistance as opposed to doing different exercises

Bands is a cheap good way, but prefatiguing all the individual muscle groups would be another way.
Stiffies, squats, glute bridging, anything you’d consider as accessory work for DL’s - do it first.
Then load the bar up and perform strict DL’s.

A) you can always do more than 8 reps

B) Usually, especially at the intermediate level, when your squat goes up your deadlift goes up. Squat 300x20 and your deadlift will go up, also GM’s can help the deadlift a lot.

C) Craigslist should have cheap weights, all you need is another set of 45 lbs or 25’s if you are using the standard barbell, I would guess you could get that for the price of bands or less.

D) check out rosstraining.com for easy to do stuff at home that costs almost nothing but still actually works.

Good luck with it.