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Increasing Lower Back Work Tolerance

Hey guys do any of you have some tips to improve the work capicity of the spinal erectors they always seem to be the limiting factor for me when planning training volume. When doing lots of squats in my program i cannot deadlift more than a couple of dynamic sets before my lower back cramps up and it is pissing me off.


the same way you increase work capacity of any muscle. you could do goodmornings to help.

or you could be like i was when i had that pain, my legs needed to get stronger. especially my glutes and hamstrings.

While I’m not a powerlifter, I agree, Good Morning’s are the way to go. I used to have a lower back issue (read:weak) and a steady diet of GM’s and rack pulls fixed it.

never really used goodmornings will definitely try them out tomorrow , anything to help this. I dont think i can get tight enough back position for rackpulls . Thanks guys