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Increasing Lifts Without Weights


I'm going on holiday soon to a 3rd world country which wont have any gyms so I won't be able to train for a good 3 months. Have you got any ideas how I can increase my deadlift strength without weights?


Aside from trying to deadlift old, rotten trucks or cars, I don’t see what you can do, sorry!


well fabiop if you dont know then dont comment… silverwolf do some research, you dont need “weights or a nice gym with chrome weights” to increase your deadlift. use what you have. a tree stump, a keg or barrel works good fill it with water. you can also make sand bags, just take a canvas bag and fill it with sand. do the old school hard training. use your head…


I’d think ghetto GHR’s would be great for this situation… if you can get to the point where you can do a GHR with 50 lbs+ behind your head… you’re gonna be ALOT stronger


If you can find things to hang from where you can extend you body parallel to the ground, front levers and front lever rows are great for upper back. Picking up rocks and logs is great for DL. varied height isometrics of the DL movement can be helpful too. Hanging from stuff for grip. Swinging some sort of weight between the legs to at least head high is useful too for p-chain. a 100 lb rock can be VERY challenging…



this is where the power of imagination comes in!!! if you believe you are deadlifting 400 lbs, than you will

my 2 cents


Deadlift people.

Or train Rocky style with logs, stones, sprint work especially, and jump training. You may have to do a lot of Athletic work to maintain strength levels.


Sprinting could help with explosive power, finding an old sled to drag forward and backward (can usually make one from an old tire and a rope) can help, might bring bands with you and see if you can jerry rig something. Personally I find my deadlift at least maintains if I focus on my squats (legs) so see if you can do stuff for them. The other advice is good and you might use this time to work on your grip if that is an issue for you. Good luck with it. I would imagine the deadlift will maintain itself the best with the least work, whereas squats and bench tend to drop if you don’t train them regularly, at least IME.


Nordic Hamstring exercise will strengthen your hams. Lifting any heavy object will help. You could also try dragon flags and jack knifes to strengthen your core. There are always one legged bodyweight squats, but I don’t know if that transfers much to deadlift strength. Also static pushing against a wall could help, asume deadlift position and then push into the wall with all your might using your legs and back. The wall won’t move, but the muscles will work hard. If you have some very strong rubberbands, you could use them as well, stand on them, and then erect the body against the band resistance.

You can also lift people. If you pay a few locals some cents, I am sure they will pose as barbells for the day. Two locals on the back, and then do paused squats, that would certainly make you feel it in the legs.


Just enjoy the different country, dude.

There’s always more time to get stronger, but you may not have another chance to go visit exotic places.

Just do some bodyweight stuff to stay in shape and call it even.


Last holiday I wasnt allowed to train.
I boosted the volume up a month before I left. Then when overseas I jumped, single leg squats, push ups, chin ups, handstand pushups, sprints.

But most of all…enjoyed myself and drank lots of stout


one leg squats…do core work keep core strong…do dynamic warm up to stay flexible


Don’t forget hand stand push ups…