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Increasing Lat Activation


Hi CT,

After quite an intense period of focus on the upper back and traps i have great control/feel over those particular groups. However, my old demon has returned since i started performing more lat focused work now that i am training more on the ring, front lever etc. I can contract my lats but instead of a rock solid contraction like with my traps its more of a fluttering on and off and it really effects my back training.

How would you go about increasing mind muscle connection and lat activation?

I plan on still keeping the SGHP as my focus lift on back days in a 3,3,3,6,6,6 rep scheme but was thinking of maybe adding in snatch levers with kayak rows as a pre pump?

What are your thoughts on the snatch lever for this purpose?

Many Thanks Again


The snatch power hold/snatch row (what you call snatch lever) probably would be my first choice. And simply keeping working on the front lever should solve the issue.