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Increasing Insulin Sensitivity to Loose Fat?


I am not looking for short cuts, its just really hard for me to loose weights, so having said that, I am trying to loose fat, and I am currently doing P90X, I am 5'10" and 22% body fat, 30 yrs old.

I don't like speedy sups like HOT-ROX, which don't really attack the fundamental problem fatties have compared to people who can eat what they want and not gain a pound.

So would a product like Receptormax, or Analabolic Pump, or Glycobol help me to loose fat and get down to about 10-13% BF????? The thing about these products is that you have to take them with like 30 grams of carbs in your meal, and in order to loose weight you gotta limit carbs, so theres a problem there.


Get on an actual good program, fix your diet, these are the things that will help more than any supplement. You can absolutely lose weight/fat with carbs.


An actual good program? What like the Velocity Diet/Program... recomendations? Anyway have you tried P90X? Its pretty tuff, basically P90X is good enough IMO.

So since you can loose fat on carbs as you say, are thoose products good for people with a lot of fat to loose?


Yes, I've tried P90X, it's garbage. It's like cardio. If you want to look good nekid, go get in the gym, and start lifting. There are a variety of programs on this site you could try out that would be significantly better than P90X for your goals. Personally I'm not a fan of the Vdiet/training but there are many who have had success. I feel like it wastes strength/muscle away.

Receptormax is quality stuff, I can't say I've tried the other two.


The phrase 'Insulin Sensitivity' gets thrown around alot these days...


Recall this article about the supplement D3:

"Vitamin D has potential to combat Type 2 diabetes"

Part of the article:

"Vitamin D has in studies found to be associated with a reduced risk of a range of conditions including several forms of cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and ?auto-immune? diseases such as Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. There has, in recent years, been some interest in the role that vitamin D might play in obesity and associated problems such as metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes.

Awhile back one of my blog posts featured some research in which women with insulin resistance were treated with vitamin D (4,000 IU) a day for six months. Insulin resistance is a state where insulin?s effects in the body are somewhat ?numbed?, and can lead to elevated blood sugar levels (as well as other biochemical abnormalities) and may progress to Type 2 diabetes in time. In this study, compared to placebo, the vitamin D improved their insulin sensitivity, signifying likely relative protection from Type 2 diabetes...."


Sadly, it is also mostly by people who really need to spend a good couple of years just working on size before getting caught up in all of that.

There are too many people here who act like they are Olympic Athletes on line but look like newbs.


At 22% bf, sure you may have poor insulin sensitivity, but its because you're fat. You are not fat because of your poor insulin sensitivity.



Things I've read that help to improve insulin sensitivity :
- Fish oil
- Ingredients in ReceptorMax (cinnamon and other stuffs)
- Magnesium (ZMA)
- Apple cidar vinegar
- Exercice, resistance training (of course)

I'm simply answering your question, I'm not qualified to advise you.

Of course all supps cannot do anything if the diet and exercice are not fixed.


EDIT : A good reading, Men With Sensitivity


sadly im on my 3rd bottle of glycobol with 1 more unopened in my cupboards, and the results are less than impressive. i even add ALCAR just to get it somewhat close to receptormax. once im out of glycobol, receptormax is definately going to be my next purchase. or INDIGO! lol


None of those products will get your body fat down. Getting your diet in check will get your body fat down. Listen to the good advice you're getting on this thread. If you want to fix the issue then you will need to fix the root cause (you're eating too much food).

And, start lifting weights.


Yes very good advice...If it wasn't for all the products like RecptorMax and the amazing things they claim to do to your body, I wouldn't be asking about it or asking questions about supplements in the first place! When realizing that you will have to eat a diet of healthy foods for about 3 months without fail in order to loose 15 pounds of fat, one tends to look for anything that could shorten that time frame haha. I'll get some of this stuff though. THANKS ALL

Things I've read that help to improve insulin sensitivity :
- Fish oil
- Ingredients in ReceptorMax (cinnamon and other stuffs)
- Magnesium (ZMA)
- Apple cidar vinegar
- Exercice, resistance training (of course)


personally (as a fellow fatty), I've found the best thing for weight loss is salad.


Do not forget the article I linked at the end of my previous post :

It has more info than I have written.

Also if you drink one gallon of coffee per day, read it, they talk about it.



Let me get this straight. You want to go from 22% to 10% and you think 3months is a pretty long time to do it, while at the same time doing P90x.

Oh man, let's speak again in 3 months!


How about trying these simple rules for starters:

1) Forget P90 X, start a 3-day per week full body weight training routine based on something like starting strength. Use heavy weights - something you can lift for 5-6 reps.
2) Figure out your maintenance calorie level. Eat 20 % below on rest days and 0 to 10% below on weight training days.
3) Make sure to eat 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound lean body weight. Keep the majority of your calories after your workout.


Personally, I've found the thing that keeps fatties fat is their belief in salad....at the expense of their entire lifestyle.


lol kind of reminds me of morbidly obese women drinking diet coke


This always scares the shit out of me every time I drink or buy diet coke..Logically, zero calorie beverages cannot cause weight gain..but some illogical portion of my brain just thinks of all the fat people I know who drink diet soda all day...


Facko, purely anecdotally, I find if I drink a lot of "sweet" no-cal stuff like diet soda or crystal-light, I find myself craving more sweet things. If I stick to water, that craving isn't there. While I don't think diet drinks lead to weight gain, I think they do increase ones cravings to eat more. If you're conscious of it, you can control it.