Increasing Injection Frequency vs. Dosage?

Right now I’m pinning 1ml (250mg Test E) every Wednesday & Sunday so 2ml a wk. I was wondering the further I get into cycle what if I just possibly injected the same amount but every 3 days VS the every 3.5 or technically it’s “3 days and then 4”.

So I figured I’m pinning 8 times a month now. But if I pin every 3 days that means I’ll pin 10 times a month so meaning another 2ml total increase a month (500mg extra a month total).

That being said it’s an extra 500mg a month total or and extra 125mgs a week (625mgs a wk vs the orginal 500mg a wk) so say what if I wanted to up my dosage later on cycle…

In theory I could just increase my pinning frequency rather than pinning more gear at a given time to slightly increase dosage.

I DO NOT plan on increasing dosages right now but I was just wondering if that is an intelligent & acceptable way to slightly increase your dosages through increasing your pinning frequency VS just pinning more gear at the orginal injection frequency.