Increasing Frequency to Focus on Lagging Muscles?

Hi CT,
Just looking for some guidance on how I can increase my frequency for biceps and triceps to focus on them… For me I have long arm limbs so on pushing and pulling exercises I don’t feel it in my triceps or biceps rather I do feel a great contraction in the chest, shoulders or back whichever I’m working… So compounds I feel don’t have the greatest effect on my arm development…

My plan is currently:
Sunday- Chest/ Core
Monday- Quads / Hamstrings
Tuesday- Triceps/ Biceps
Wednesday- Off
Thursday- Shoulders/ Traps/ Core
Friday- Back / Calves
Saturday- Off

I was thinking of adding 1 triceps isolation exercise and 1 biceps isolation exercise on Sunday, Chest day, to complement my heavy arm day on Tuesday…

Would that work to increase the frequency to 3 x week for both triceps and biceps? Or should I place them in another day?

I follow a Dorian Yates HIT style of training which I love and my body has best responded to…

Thanks for the help,