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Increasing Free Testosterone

Hello guys.At the 16th day of my 500mg sustanon, 75mg proviron cycle my blood was tested and results were:
Estradiol 20(25-60)
Total t 36.5(2.3-8)
And free t 96(8-56)
Actually I was expecting higher free t because my total t was 4.5 times higher than highest referance value.So what can I do more in order to increase free t?

Diet can’t hurt!

How to Lower SHBG and/or Raise Free Testosterone

Take magnesium daily to raise free testosterone.

Take zinc daily to lower SHBG
Take vitamin D3 daily to lower SHBG.

Don’t short-change yourself on carbs. A diet low in carbs increases SHBG.

How to Lower Estradiol Levels

Lose fat. Fat contains an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen

Eat lots of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. They contain a chemical that “fights” estrogen

Take curcumin. It reduces the effects of an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

Take resveratrol to decrease the activity of that estrogen-converting enzyme.


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Piggybacking on what Mr. Mee said, get a good ZMA supplement and you can kill two birds with one pill. Plus it seems to have a nice benefit in the way of helping people sleep better.

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You didn’t get a before and after of your SHBG? That would let you know if the proviron is doing its job.

Sadly I didn’t.