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Increasing Footspeed And Vetical Jump

lookin for someone who can help me with a routine to does these 2 things

read the archives, theres plenty of info in there


Yeah, there is plenty of stuff here, but probably the best source for this is Joe Defranco. Check out his site at defrancostraining.com. A lot of the Ask Joe, and Articles deal specifically with this. I think it is Ask Joe 10-10-03 that just includes an in depth 6 week vertical jump program, but everything on there is great. He is known for making incredible gains in high school, and college athletes, and most notbaly pros trying to improve their combine numbers. You should definitely check it out.

RED9 is right. I understand the vert jump but as far as foot speed goes, are you trying to increase straight line speed ie; sprint speed? If so, stride LENGTH is as important if not more so than frequency. Stretch your hip flexors every day for 10 minutes for 3 weeks then re-test your 40 and vert jump. This will help you increase both vert jump AND improve stride length thereby improving sprint speed.

ya, check soccer websites for footspeed drills too. Track websites so that you can get drills that will correct your running form. (teach you to open your stride, shit like that).

But in short races (anything less than 100m basically) your form isn’t as important as your power…thats where Joe DeFranco comes in. Definitely check out his shit. he is THE best.