Increasing Fertility with TRT. Clomid/Nolvadex/HCG?

I am 29 years old I have been on trt for the last 2 to 3 years and now my wife wants to get pregnant she has been off birth control for one year now and she still hasn’t gotten pregnant so I am assuming it’s me. I got a cycle in mind and I just need suggestions on what’s the best. Cycle is: 25mg clomid, 10mg nolvadex, and 1000 units of hcg per week probably for 8 weeks. If I need more or less just let me know.

How about you go to a doctor who specializes in this rather than take some haphazard “cycle” from advice on the internet? It’s a serious question with no sarcasm.

You need clomid OR HCG, not both.

I took 1000 IU HCG thrice per week with my TRT (100 mg testosterone per week) for my two kids.

An acquaintance of mine is having a kid soon and he used HALF A tablet of clomid per day with no TRT.

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Why both? Pick one, they act the same

I might just do clomid alone and come off trt for a little bit. I just wanted to hear some opinions on the matter with the dosages. I have a medical degree so I look up a lot of studies on what dosages but nothing beats steroid and pct knowledge than people that have taken gear and have studied it, but I am going to a fertility doctor just bc I want my clomid cheap that’s about the only reason.