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Increasing Facial Hair?


This is a bit of an odd question but if somone has little facial hair at the age of 24 is there anything you can do to help boost it a bit? I have odd patches, not a full beard and I want more facial hair... i know its weird, but any advice will help.. thnx


Well, I'm in my 40s and my damned beard is STILL patchy at best.

Just grow it long and it'll go over the light spots.


yea, i guess theres nothin one can really do.. i heard eating protein, but i already eat about 300grams per day and havnt seen any changes.. haha


As far as I know there's nothing you can do. I have the same issue but I blame my Native American heritage.


Use a colored pen and fill in the patchy spots.


It works for abz too. Just draw them in.


You've gotta be patient and go on a long beard bulk to build a solid foundation and bring up the weak spots. Then you're gonna want to maintain so your face gets used to the new beard mass. Once your face has a new beard set point you can cut to reduce your beard hair %. After the cut, your beard will grow back stronger and thicker due to the phenomenon of beard memory.


be happy, shaving sucks

I only shave every 3 days for a few reasons, so some days I look a little rough


Same here.



Chuck Norris's beard beat Stephen Hawking in a game of chess...


Be glad you are not of Russian/German/Polish decent, I have a 5 O'clock shadow at noon, and by 7pm I look like most people do at 6am pre-shave.


second this


In your next life, pick hairy parents with hairy parents (to make sure).


in your next life be an arabic girl


In your next life be a dinosaur.


There's whole forums dedicated to this. There are topical drugs that can help. You can go the hormonal route too.




Supposedly women can grow facial hair by taking hormones... can men do the same?


I heard masturbation grows hair. try masturbating your face.


Sleep more. You grow more facial hair when you are asleep. That is why you have to shave in the morning. The better quality and quantity of sleep you get, the more facial hair you grow. It is a melatonin thing that you can't get from a suplement. I can't remember for sure, but it has something to do with the process of melatonin production, but not the melatonin itself.