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Increasing Effectiveness of HRT


Been taking testosterone cypionate shots weekly for about 16 years . About 7 years ago my doctor changed my prescription to year round shots no time off. Figure at 48 there's no test left to jumpstart anyway. My question is besides exercise is there any way to increase the effectiveness of the testosterone? Like taking supplements or a certain diet. I can't increase the dose 200/week is all my doctor can give me. Thanks .


you can test e2 and start taking anastrazole

...16 years of ineffective TRT...


He might not even need anastrazole or any AI if his E2 is under 50 and he is not symptomatic.


TRT is supposed to be used year round, for life. I don't know why a doctor would take a hypogonadal person off other than for some other medical condition that warrants no use of T.


No. A diet and training regimen enhances health and quality of life, but it does not directly make T more effective.

I don't know why you would want to increase dose so long as your T value is mid-to-high normal and you are feeling good. Going supranormal does not lead to normal functioning and health.

200 mg is usually not necessary. 100 mg per week is fine for most men and gets them into the 500-1000 range. Good docs don't start with 200 mg.

Did you even see what your T value is with 100 mg?


OP seems to be struggling with probably a few features and also from the misconception that more T will improve quality of life.


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TRT should never be cycled.
200mg T/week is usually never justified and many do not get balanced on that dose. Most do very well with 100mg. [There are a few exceptions.]

E2 [estradiol] levels are very critical to wellbeing on TRT