Increasing Dose During Cycle vs Consistent Dosing?

Topics: Increasing dose of gear during cycle VS consistant dosing and De-loading on cycle.

Hey guys. It’s been a long time since I was on a forum.
I’m here to open my mind to fresh new ideas to push my boundaries in achieving new growth, performance while remaining as lean as possible.

Currently: 95kg @ 11%, 33 yrs old, been training for almost 10 years. Multiple cycles. On trt.

About to blast test, deca, dbol or anadrol and might throw in eq. Cycle goal: lean bulk

Here is my question, who believes that a constantly increasing dosage over the period of the cycle is beneficial as apposed to diving right in to one constant dose that remains the same throughout? Also using the orals on the end of the cycle vs the start?

Example: Test
1-3 600mg
4-6 800mg
7-9 1000mg


1-9 800mg

The theory of increasing dosage makes sense to me as your receptors are relatively fresh at the start and will become more tolerant over time, therefore getting the most out of a lower dose at the start and increasing to force adaptation.

Other things I want to discuss (which iv never implemented before) is de-loading.
It seems like a difficult idea to go easy on yourself every 4th week while on cycle when you should be making the most of it. But I understand the break is beneficial. Would love to hear feedback on de-loading during cycle.

cycle dosages
It really depends on what your goals are. Me personally, I just use the same amount from start to finish for a blast. If I want to get bigger, I add in a bigger dosage for the next blast and some additional compounds.

De-loading while on cycle
If you’re not making solid progress, feel tired and your strength is not going up, I would certainly chuck in a de-load. But if you’re progressing each week, don’t stop

Thanks for the feedback. My goals are lean bulk. Although I seem to top out out around 100kg so this time I will be running 600mg Deca, around 800mg Test, 600mg EQ, 50mg Dbol (on average)

As well as eating a shit ton of clean calories.