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Increasing Deadlift Increments?

This may sound like a dumb question, but I’ve gotten to the point where I am deadlifting 225 and I’m not drained at the end of my sets…so I want to increase the weight.

I know where I stand with other exercises I’m used to, but I’m a little unsure what the next level for my situation should be - how do you guys usually bump up? I don’t wanna go too light, and I don’t wanna put on something unrealistic either.

I was thinking a 50 pound increment (25’s on the bar next to the 45’s) - but I thought I’d see what the general concensus is.

The smallest plates i have access to are 2.5 lbs, so the smallest possible weight increment for a BB exercises like the DL would be 5 lbs

I don’t think i really understand the question…

I usually go for 20-30lbs depending on how my last session of pulling felt. Yesterday I was fed up of letting my squat catch up to my deadlift so I threw on 40lbs to my lift and did it.

I’m on SS so I deadlift once a week.

I normally add 20 lbs when I up on the deads, then if that feels to heavy I drop to 10. Going from 225 to 275 seems like a big jump, but hell, put the plates on and see how it feels. Worst case, you have to drop the weight back down some.

ended up doing 2 sets of 5 at 275, then went down to 245 - either of which felt like an accomplishment to me.

also, to add - i have new respect for you guys pulling 405, lol.

Try doing 5x5 where your final set is 275…

Each previous set should be 12.5% of 275 LESS than the previous set so it would be like this:

139 173 207 241 275

If you are going for high weight on the last set to hit yourself hard and shock your central nervous system go take a 3-4 minutes rest before the final set. This will help you warm up and get to heavier weights. Adding 50 pounds seems like alot… .I usually add 2.5 pounds to each side of the bar every time I DL.

Use an overhand grip for all the sets you can, once your grip gets too weak use a mixed grip but don’t always use the same mixed grip because that will create uneven development.

Wow there Jethro! 50 pounds as an increment!? naw use the little itsy bitsy 2.5lb plates. Keep on using them and pretty sound you’ll say, “Well shit, its time to load another plate.” My two “durty south” yeehaw! centavos.

My increment standards are

5 lb for upper body, 10 lb for lower body. The more subtle the change, the more consistently you can increase your numbers week to week. Progress is key, no matter how big of a jump it is.

I’d go with a smaller jump so you can at least stay somewhere in your current set/rep range. Also, if your form breaks down you can really kill your lower back.