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Increasing Carbs = Body Fat?


Is it true that if you've been eating low carb (like 100g-300g per day) for some time and you start to increase your carb intake your body stores them all as fat since it is unacccustomed to carbs?


No.Increasing calories = either body fat and/or muscle gain.Now,if those calories are added calories from carbs,yes,you might gain some weight back because you're eating more calories( muscle,fat,or water).However,if they're not added calories ,to your daily diet,no,you won't.

You might gain a little water weight,but thats it,since each gram of carbohydrate consumed causes the body to hold 2.3 grams of water.So,in short:It depends if you're adding calories back.If you're not adding calories back,and just eating more carbs and lowering your fat intake,you shouldn't gain weight.
Hope this helps,Poe.


I think I did read somewhere though that you should increase the calories slowly/moderately.

Maybe it was for a different reason--ie..stomach issues typically you get alot of fiber from some carb heavier foods like fruit and such.


Never heard of this...

300 g is still low carb for you?

Lucky bastard...


I was thinking the same thing. Especially since 100g seems to be the limit for what's considered low carb.


They say if your carbohydrate intake is 30% or less of your total caloric intake,or if you consume less than one gram per pound of body weight,it's considered low carb.