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Increasing Calories: Carbs vs Fat?


Hello from France,

first, please excuse my English !

I'm a 34 years old, tall frenchman, 6'3
I was 185 lbs 3 months ago, with some bad fat on my belly.
So I went on a diet and weight now 171 lbs with a nice reduce of my belly fat. I can see the upper "4" abs now :slightly_smiling:

Next step :
I want to gain some volume now, and plan to train HIAH get big program.
But, after such an effort, I don't want to see that fat comes back !

My question is about diet :
I now I have to put the calories up to gain weight. But am afraid of "the return of the belly" !

Should I eat more carbs, or more fat ?

My actual diet :
46% carbs : vegetables, fruits (no more than 2/day). I try to avoid rice, white bread, potatoes, etc...
32% protein : eggs, milk, ham, meat, fish, cottage-cheese, protein powder. Try to limit cheese
21% fat : oils (nut, olive, linseed, etc...)

Thanks a lot !

Best regards,


I would increase the protein intake, and split the ratio to more like:

40% Protein
30% Carbs
30% Fats (10% Poly, 10% Mono, 10% Unsaturated)

With carbs, I would limit them to ONLY breakfast and before/after training.

If you want to minimize fat gain, take the G-Flux principle on. For example:

If you need:
3000 calories to maintain weight
3200 to gain.

Instead of eating 3200kcal a day to gain, eat 3400-3600kcal but burn off the extra 200-400 kcal and at the end of the day you still reach your 3200kcal goal. This way you turn over more calories per day but take advantage of the TEF and keep your metabolism slightly higher.


Thanks !