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Increasing Calorie Intake Due to Physical Job


Hey guys, i was hoping to get my weight up to around 210 before the end of summer. Im not sure what i weigh right now but it should be somewhere between 200 and 205. My job for the next 8 weeks involves a lot of tree planting and im outdoors all day. I stress the fact that its not hard physical labour, but its a lot more then i was doing before, my diet i worked out had around 4100 cals and would of worked well if not for this job. so im looking to bump it up now, right now my ratios are about 40/30/30 protein/fat/carbs- im wondering how many calories i should add and where should those carbs come from? im about to eat my 2nd last meal of the day and im starving right now!!


How in the world can anyone answer that question?

Seriously. Just add some food and see what happens. What are you afraid of? Its not like youre asking how to adjust your cocaine/heroin cocktail



But I'll add that it's probably more than you think. Even if the work itself isn't that tough, your body burns a huge amount of calories just trying to stay cool. I worked construction for a summer and had trouble just maintaining my weight (Was like 180 at the time) on 5000 cal a day.


I dont know, i was hoping maybe people could chime in with what they did if they had any similar experiences. I will most certainly add more food though. I guess the most logical place to start adding would be with more carbs, i'll see how my body responds to that and post back here maybe.