Increasing Caloric Intake?

I need some ways to increase my caloric intake, because I believe the current diet and eating habits aren’t allowing me to get any bigger.

I’ve been taining for a couple of months and I dont think there are any results.

I’m asian, 15, around 5 foot 3 inches, and around 90 - 100 lbs… I think i’m way below average for a guy my age, and extremely skinny.

I’ve tried to eat a bunch and go to sleep and nothing has worked.

Any tips for a guy like me?


What does your training look like? And what does your diet look like? Other then that I will start off the comments of Just eat.

Yup more info and well be patient training a couple months is NOTHING!!!

Need to answer a but of whats’

The more info the better we cant tell you what to change on diet without knowing what its like now same with everything else.