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Increasing Bench Press

Hello eveyone. Im new to this site, but not to lifting. I can benchpress 120 kg(270 pounds) for 2 reps and am constantly looking for ways to increase my benchpress. I have tried quite a few methods. The best one that worked for me is the partial rep method. I divide the benchpress into 2 portions the lower part and the upper part. I train the lower part one day where i do 5 sets of my 10 rep max, going up only halfway, focusing on control technique and tension on the chest and front deltoids.

The next workout will be the upper portion which recruits the triceps and the upper back/posterior deltoid region, where i only go down halfway, but with a very heavy weight, that i can lower and raise under control with no help. i do 5 sets. I always follow partial reps with 3 sets of full reps.

If anyone has any routines/suggestions on how to increase bench strength, i would love to hear them. I firmly believe that the best 2 exercises for upper body strength are the benchpress(which recruits 90%of your upper body) and weighted chinups/pullups. i base my upper body workouts on these 2.

Gday. I’m new to this site as well and benchpressing about the same 120kg for 2 reps, (which is no where near enough for me). I’m into trying new programs on benchpress and i like the idea of doing partials on a diferent day. I’m a big fan of negatives , especially on the benchpress but like most people plateu from time to time. If anyone has any great ideas on how to bump up your bench, please let me know.

behind the neck presses on shoulder days have helped my bench.

Weighted dips are good also.

You’ve definitely got something with your bench press and pullups. You’ve got to keep that back to front ratio equal though, so even if you do pullups, if you can do more on bench than you can with your back that might be the thing.

Also, from simply working your bench, i’ve found that if you want to get big blast your chest with about 10 sets of bench once a week, but if you want to get strong do three sets three times a week. Monday, WEdnesday, Friday. The workout I am doing currently for bench is :

Monday, three sets, 10, 8, 6 reps
Wednesday, three sets, 5, 5, 5, reps
Friday, three sets, 3, 3, 3 reps.

The first week i did 315 twice on friday, second week two and a half, third week i did it three times. the only other exercise i am doing for bench is bdyweight dips too. it’s simple but it works. i do the same for squat, powerclean, and bent over row. total body workout three times a week for pure strength.