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Increasing Bench Press 20 Pounds?


I want to add 20 pounds to my bench to achieve a goal. What have other people done to add 20 pounds to their bench? I believe a few years ago their was a bench press specialization routine article but I can not locate it so maybe someone remembers it and has the link.



About the begining of 2004 when i was a senior in high school, my goal was to bench press 225 pounds for reps . I used the rest pause routine. In 4 weeks i went from bench pressing 225 for 3 reps to doing it for 8 reps and 245 pounds for 4 reps.

The second time I used it about a year later, I went from doing 285 pounds for 2 reps to 295 for 3 reps in the same time frame.


What is the rest/pause routine?



Do Deadlifts and Squats. Or Incline Bench

Guarantee they increase your strength.

Squats did, i remember i was stuck at 185 on the bench (at the time i didnt do squats) I heard how they can help increase strength all over.

Tried it and my bench went to 205 within a week no lie.




true story.

I broke another plateu by increasing the volume of ab work I was doing.

good luck!


this is the program i use for my bench:

first bench day:
decline, 6x3
two board paused: 5x3
overhead lockouts or some shoulder press: 5x5
secondary shoulder movement 3x10
skull crusher: 3x10
cable rope extensions: 1x20-40

seond day:
decline: 3x5, 1x10-20 burnout
twoboard paused: 8x1, dont max just around90-95% for these
dumbell militaries 3x12
bent over raises: 2x10
incline skull curshers: 2x10, 2x6
close grip presses: 3x10

use dips if u have access to weight instead of the presses or brunouts, i dont half the time


How much are you benching right now, and what does the rest of your program look like? How long have you been training?


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Sorry, am I asking the relevant shit? My bad.


I bench 285 now and have been training for about 7 years. Currently using a WSSB template (with more emphasis on pressing).


Where do you fail? Have you identified your weaknesses?


i fail when the weight gets too heavy for me to bench it. what should i do??:slight_smile:




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but i've been trying the same program for two weeks now and i'm not getting any stronger. i'm thinking about cutting my calories from 1000 back to 800 or so.