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Increasing Bench in a Few Days?


I have a Bench-Off against some guy on Tuesday. A friendly but fierce kind of thing with some money riding on it

He has like 5 to 10 lbs on my bench..

What's the best I can do to edge out any lbs I can until tuesday night?
There's no attention to weight so I'm gonna stuff myself as much as I can.. Any extra lb of bodyweight can only help, plus a bigger gut will shorten the ROM

I'm probably gonna load up on ephedra, clen and caffeine before the competition
Maybe hit the bench hard and heavy tomorrow and sunday?

I'm not sure there's any way I can put on 5 to 10lbs in my bench in just 4 days.. Maybe practise my arch alot?

That's all I can think of tbh. But you guys are the big benchers, so I come to you for advice


Spike his protein shake with laxatives. He'll be too dehydrated/uncomfortable/smelly to give his best. You'll win effortlessly.


I wish I had some Var. That might could throw 5lbs on my bench in 4 days..

Well, this is what I get for walking into stupid shit because of my loud mouth and big ego. Now I gotta find a way to win

Getting into stupid shit is probably a great way to motivate yourself and force you to make progress


Bloat up 20 pounds.


want2getlean is having a bench-off? Is this real life?


I Second the bloating.
Try to eat alot of salty foods and carbs, i rememeber dave tate talking about binge eating at chinese bufett to gain pounds daily.
Eating 3x your usual amount of Creatine could also help. 50-100mg of dbol everyday will help you gain strength and bloat. 100mg dbol 2 hours before the competition could ofc help. You could also use wrist wraps if you arent already, just say you always use them because you have wrist pain.


Only possible way you'd add that much in that short of time is to fix your form.


Yeah, right now I'm trying to arch on the floor

This is stupid as fuck but I don't have a bench at home

My arch sucks, so there's definitely alot to improve. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a foam roller
I have the worst tiniest arch.. my tightass clunky back can't bend at all

Eating my 3rd big meal since I made this topic.. It's actually nice now, probably going to be hell by the 4th day

Trying to force a big meal in every 60 minutes




Go forth and be hyooge my friend.


you'd be better off doing exactly nothing from now until then, other than eating well and resting.


x2 srs this time


I can't believe I found another Albertan 'round these powerlifting parts! We're beginning to take over... MWAHAH




get a bench shirt?
Srsly, the only way i can think of getting 10lbs in 4 days is if your setup/technique is somehow crappy and you fix it in this time.




you know with a name like 'squatndead' this guy is a tr00 el1te lifter
i bet u even run 5/3/1!11!!


there was a compression t shirt that a muscle mag said increased a persons bench press by a noticeable amount. it looked just like a compression shirt

this may be it:

Base layer II

Adidas Techfit Powerweb shirt,£55, www.adidas.com
The claim: Run faster, jump higher, lift more.
The science: By minimising energy waste and directing all your efforts where you most need them, this shirt can improve sprint times by 1.1%, add an average of 5.3% to total body power output and increase jump heights by 4%.
Expert verdict: ?The notion of ?elastic? systems returning energy does stand up, and evidence shows benefit to athletes in sports like football and rugby. In Yale University tests, men wearing this shirt were able to bench press an extra half-rep of their Single Rep Max thanks to the extra support across their shoulders,? says Weller. Sound small? So?s the difference between first and second.


had no time to get a compression shirt

contest is later tonight

here's what I did:
saturday: heavy squat workout as usual
sunday: light upper back and prehab work
yesterday: absolute rest

Eating like a pig every day

Today I woke up feeling GREAT (full of energy, strong, full and bloated)
I don't really think it's enough to win but hey.. at least I learned a few things. Mostly about what REALLY stuffing yourself is, and forcing yourself to rest.


Wear an extra small tshirt underneath your regular Tshirt. You might get a couple of pounds. Also use wrist wraps.


Well, how did it go..?

We want numbers!