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Increasing Alcohol Tolerance

[quote]Artem wrote:
Actually, my example fucking sucked and supported your point; disregard it.[/quote]

Damn I was just about to agree with you.

So let’s see, Subway, ephedrine,bananas, milk,protein, charcoal, and training for this event by increasing
alcohol consumption to build tolerance so when the showdown happens a win is locked up.

You sir are a genius of a corner man.

[quote]josh86 wrote:
Have him do lines in between drinks…I swear something about snorting cocaine sobers you up. Or so I’ve heard.


I don’t really like cocaine, but I love the way it smells.

I only have drinking competitions with women. That way I always win.

[quote]matko5 wrote:
I only have drinking competitions with women. That way I always win.[/quote]

is that before or after you “Help” them home?

[quote]Thomas Gabriel wrote:
Activated charcoal may be effective. [/quote]

This sounds like very good advice. I haven’t got the time to look it up right now, but I know that in emergency rooms they sometimes administer charcoal in poisoning or OD cases.

Is it that important to win that your friend will choke down charcoal?

As a former Chico State student, I’m a bit of an expert in this field. First off, a big meal is not a bad way to go, but a better option is to have a couple normal-sized meals with a high carb/starch content and little to no oil or grease two hours and one hour before the competition. I recommend a plate of pasta with no meat. After that, drink a few glasses of milk or a bottle of Pepto-Bismol to help coat the stomach (Pepto-Bismol is the better option, but if you use milk, drink whole milk). Follow that up with a bottle of DayQuil (NOT NyQuil).

Cocaine or speed is definitely a great supplement to add at some point. If you don’t have access to either of these things, the combination of DayQuil and some caffeine pills (about three to four times the recommended daily dosage should be fine, but try taking more than this and space them out throughout the drinking bout, consuming most of them at the beginning) will jack you up enough to stay coherent longer. These can also be consumed much more inconspicuously than coke or speed in case the rules count this as cheating.

Drinking heavily beforehand will help as well, but I recommend drinking heavily throughout the day rather than in large quantities in a shorter period. This will actually make it easier to consume more total alcohol before the competition. Perhaps a fifth and a case of beer consumed slowly throughout the day. Abstain from drinking at all for two days prior to the competition since the body will probably need some serious recovery time. Or stop one day prior, but use that one day for moderately intense cardio that will help force the body to sweat out whatever alcohol is in the system. Aged scotch or good whisky is a great liquor for training, but I recommend drinking whatever it is that will be used on competition day if you know what it is.

As for the competition itself, try to start slowly if possible. If the goal is to amass the most drinks in a given time rather than match each other shot for shot, drinking less at the beginning will allow for more time to metabolize the booze before it starts to add up on the competitor. Slam some water as a chaser if possible since this will help the competitor to piss out whatever liquid is not absorbed by the body. In fact, two ounces of water for every one ounce of booze is imperative because it will help maintain hydration, help dilute the alcohol in the bloodstream, and the competitor will stay active by constantly heading to the pisser.

It is important to stay active and move around as much as possible rather than just sitting there drinking. The increase in heartrate and bloodflow will help metabolize the alcohol ever so slightly. But don’t start running around doing sprints or something, because the competitor will wear himself out (this will be hard to resist if a lot of coke or speed has been consumed). It could be as simple as competing while standing most of the time.

You can also speed up the metabolism by eating six to eight small meals per day rather than a typical three a day. This may not work in time for the competition, but it can’t hurt.

For inspiration, watch Cool Hand Luke and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on a daily basis, while drinking Scotch and strong beer. Good luck.

Oh yeah, a couple other things. A short workout beforehand might not hurt either. I would avoid any sugary energy drinks though. There’s always the possibility of a crash effect, but the high sugar content will also contribute to the effects of the hangover the next day. I know this has no bearing on the competition itself, but this guy’s gonna be fucking hungover as shit the next day and you can alleviate this a little bit by avoiding unnecessary amounts of sugar. Sudafed (preferably snorted, although swallowing them can help delay the effects until you really need them), DayQuil, caffeine or ephedrine pills and even a few shots of espresso will work better during the competition and won’t contribute to a hangover the next day the same way that a half dozen RockStars will.

Shit, I almost forgot another important pointer. Avoid salt at all costs, since this will dehydrate you. Eat some salt-free nuts beforehand and at the beginning stages. I say beginning because once you are shitfaced, only time and stopping drinking will help slow the effects of alcohol. In fact, you may as well snort/swallow all performance-enhancing stimulants before any drinking starts or by the time the first few drinks are down.

Once the alcohol takes effect, it’s virtually impossible to counter the onset of acute inebriation with coke, speed, Sudafed, coffee, or anything else. I know I recommended avoiding oil and grease, but the oil from nuts is an exception. Fats will help slow the absorption of alcohol and delay intoxication, but a lot of greasy food will upset the stomach and may lead to puking later on. Avocados, whole milk, yogurt, nuts, and pasta have high fat contents and don’t contain greasy oils that will be odds with a stomach full of booze later on.

[quote]Kerley wrote:
matko5 wrote:
I only have drinking competitions with women. That way I always win.

is that before or after you “Help” them home?[/quote]

I believe sir, that’s why he always wins.

[quote]talmid91 wrote:
Kerley wrote:
matko5 wrote:
I only have drinking competitions with women. That way I always win.

is that before or after you “Help” them home?

I believe sir, that’s why he always wins.[/quote]

i think he wins because of the invention of rufees.

You should do these competitions with beer instead imo. Much less chance of someone getting seriously hurt. First one to throw up loses, simple as that and no one gets hurt :slight_smile: