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Increasing Alcohol Tolerance


Ok, so one of my friends is having a drinking competition against another guy this coming weekend(I know this is stupid). There are rules in place so hopefully everyone is ok... I want my friend to have the best chance of winning this thing so i'm looking for some advice on ways to quickly increase your bodies ability to process alcohol. I have personally noticed that my tolerance goes up very quickly ( within days if drinking daily). So we have planned for him to drink around 10-15 ounces of booze everyday from now till Thursday, take Friday off, and then the showdown would be Saturday night. We also plan for him to eat a big Subway sandwich about 1 hour before, and maybe some more pasta or something else starchy. I know this is stupid/dangerous/and unhealthy but there is no way i'm talking him out of it so I just want to help him him and give him the best chance - please hold the preaching. They are going to be drinking rum. Double shot every 10-12 minutes is what we thought would be a good pace.

So any ideas on the prep? How much should he drink this week? Is taking friday off a good idea? Lets assuming money is not an issue, so if that's the case would you think drinking a 26 everyday through out the day would help the most. Or should he practice the power drinking that the competition will consist of?(12ounce/hour) and do that everyday? What about the pre-game meal? Can you even increase your tolerance this quickly or am I crazy? I'm sure the T-Nation public has some good advice on this issue, thanks for the help.



Here you go:



lmao. Okay,IMO he needs to drink as much as he can every day for the whole week. Taking off friday is a good idea, it'll give him time to drain the alcohol that is in his system from the previous days. I find i can drink the most after a big bowl of chili and bread. Test it out. Hope i helped you're friend lol.


Have him take Spike or caffiene/ephedrine an hour before the competition.


Alcohol poisoning is awesome


Have him do lines in between drinks...I swear something about snorting cocaine sobers you up. Or so I've heard.


It's just alertness and the sudden effects of cocaine overshadowing the gradual effects of alcohol.

Like when you get startled while hard, you know? Your hard on being alcohol and the startling being coke.


Actually, my example fucking sucked and supported your point; disregard it.


Thanks, good idea about the stimulants before hand, hadn't thought of that.


Seems like you have the right idea. Keep the carbs coming (for yourself) and you should be fine.



I wasn't aware that this was considered a "cool" thing to do outside of high school.


Actually, it isn't cool at all and I showed a really bad lack of judgment mentioning the stimulants.

It IS dumb, but the kid's going to do it anyway.


Dumb idea, but I remember when I was in HS, we used drop a hit of acid (LSD) and you could drink like a fish... Just don't get mad if the bottle starts talking to you! LOL

If you want to REALLY get fucked up, give yourself an "alcohol enema" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz10oot07yQ

It's WAY better!


Either you're busting my balls or just an ignorant motherfucker......

Which one are you?


dirty sanchez love it.


other than eating alot before it there isnt much you can do...im irish i should no LOL

edit: bananas and lots of milk are the holygrail for pre drinkin nutrition :slightly_smiling:


I've been called an ignorant motherfucker before, but mostly by chicks. Would you be offended if I were just busting your beautiful hairy balls, bro! LOL -and tooling this guy a little at the same time. (did you look at the vid?)

Does that make me an ignorant motherfucker? I think anyone having a stupid drinking contest and asking advice about it on a forum such as T-Nation (even in GAL) is an ignorant motherfucker. Does he expect BBB to give him some super secret chemical concoction to give him the advantage? LOL

I think he should seriously consider a 12 step program, but stupid is as stupid does.

Here's a question for you: What is the phrase that is spoken immediately before the "untimely" death or dismemberment of most stupid people?


If stupid people choose to weed themselves out of existence, it is better for the overall gene pool - THINK OF THE CHILDREN!


Nah, I enjoy the ball busting, but I still had to check.

My balls aren't hairy, either, so you must have someone else's balls in mind. it's cool.


My bad, I must've been thinking about someone else's balls (Sounds like I caught the ghey for a second there...)

I'm glad you checked! LOL


Activated charcoal may be effective.