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Increasing Ability to Recruit Fast Twitch Muscle

I am very keen on the IBB program, but I feel like I am completely inefficient at moving weights quickly. I was wondering what structure would work the best for developing speed in lifts. I know ballistic movements and plyometrics will help, but what about accomidating resistance with elastic bands or chains?

Also, would body part splits be effective, or is it a good idea to try to become explosive with all body parts every workout (full body). Since I am lifting light weights, how often should I train?
What has worked for everyone else? Any feedback is appreciated.

While chains and bands are great tools, they only work well with individuals who are already explosive.

Here is a ‘‘chart of explosive exercises’’ from one of my random thoughts column:

Level 1 - Basic bilateral jumps (vertical jumping, broad jumping, jumping onto a box), throws (medicine ball throws from various positions) and sprints.

Level 2 - Unilateral jumps, hops and bounding

Level 3 - Weight lifting exercises trying to accelerate the weight as much as possible

Level 4 - Shock training or ‘‘real’’ plyometrics (depth jumps, depth push ups)

Level 5 - Ballistic exercises with a significant load (15-30% of the related lift); jumps squats, jumps lunges, bench throws, etc. Could even be medicine ball throws if the ball is heavy enough.

Level 6 - Variations of the Olympic lifts; weight lifting exercises for maximum acceleration with added band resistance

The mistake most people make, and the reason why they fail at significantly altering their explosiveness profile, is that they use a method above their current level of capacity.

Bands and chains are a level 6 exercise. Since you say that you can’t lift ‘‘normal’’ weights explosively you are not even past level 3 yet. As such moving up to level 6 exercises would be a mistake. If you want to teach your body to be more explosive, do more work at level 1, 2 and 3. Once you master level 3 (you can snap, lift explosively, a fairly heavy weight) you can move up to level 4 or 5 movements.