Increasing 5 Alpha Reductase Activity/T-->DHT Conversion

So i was researching a bit on 5 ar and how to increase the conversion of t to dht. Obviously taking proviron or masteron is a quick fix for low dht but since we are talking strictly TRT other drugs are out of the question (not that i dont have those it is just that i am unwilling to use them outside the blast, which will be next spring).

I heard sorghum might help. Anything else that has some scientific backing? This is really interesting stuff and might help some people who find that injectable t doesnt convert to dht enough.

Obviously increasing the dose or using some gel in conjuction with pins could help. But then we encounter another set of side effects.

It seems when people say that they “feel” testosterone it could be the dht that they are actually feeling.

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T cream or gel on the nutsack will give you a ton of DHT. Many T clinics do that mine offers it.

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I actually did that with 11 ketotestosterone transdermal. Burnt like hell but i found myself extremely snappy the rest of the day.

T-cream designed for scrotal application will not burn. I’m not sure what 11 ketotestosterone is but if it burned I’m guessing an alcohol based gel. The cream I was on got my DHT up to 260, with the top of the range being 85.

Creatine is a supplement that is supposed to increase DHT conversion.

Hm so gel to the scrotum is the only thing that is proven to work.

Creatine is was on of the most studied supplements out there, so the fact that is stated I would assume it has some validity to it.

Some others thought to have an effect are zinc, boron, pine pollen, butea superba root, niacinamide.

But yes scrotal testosterone cream will more than likely have the largest effect over supplements.

Zinc should actually decrease dht as it inhbits 5 ar.

Just read a little more and I guess there is some confusion on that one. One study showed it inhibited 5ar invitro in test tubes, but another study on live humans showed it increased it.:man_shrugging: