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Increases/Decreases in Weight Warping Tattoos

Has anyone had any experience bodybuilding training with tattoos? I’m wondering if the changes in body mass as you progressively get bigger would warp the tattoo. I could see the same issue when cutting considerable weight as well.
If it does cause any warping, how much so?
Any insight would be appreciated.

Ive got 3 and they are all still fine…maybe im just not hyooge enough yet

I have two that I got when I weighed about 210lbs. I am now just under 280lbs and have been heavier and there is no warping of them.

The whole idea is a myth…or a joke in the case of “the Blob” in the Wolverine Origins movie.

I got a tattoo when I was 230lbs and mostly fat. Lost a lot of fat which took me down to 165, and now back up to 195 with relatively low bodyfat. My tattoo still has the same size and shape as the day I got it.

Thanks everyone, your first hand knowledge is very appreciated.
I’m glad your inks still looking great.