Increased Testavan Gel Dose 1 Month, Getting Gyno

I’m on legal TRT in the form of gel, has recently (1 month ago) raised the dose to the highest recommended according to the manufacturer. Have now after about 1 month got a little pain in the right breast, a very small lump I can feel to the right of the nipple. Can this be prevented from getting worse or even be reversed to a healthy state of my breast.

The left breast is unaffected in both feel inside and can’t find any lump on it.

The gel is Testavan and I’m using 3 presses on the applicator.

What do I need to do? Stop the gel? Lower dose?
Order some special pills for this?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I’ve noticed the soreness/pain yesterday on my right breast, but today it felt the same and today I did find the lump.

Are you sure it’s not a lymph node? Gyno typically takes much higher doses. Estrogen gyno is most common when taking a steroid cycle of something like 1000mg/week testosterone + 50mg/week Dbol. Regardless, I would get some lab work done on your E2 and Prolactin.

If it is gyno, you can reverse it to some degree with tamoxifen or Raloxifene. If estrogen is very high, I would also consider taking an AI regularly.

To my knowledge I’ve never encountered gyno before in my life so I’m not 100% sure, but according to what I’ve read about it, it makes me worried that it can be just that.

Here are my latest labs (from when using 2 pumps on the applicator instead of 3 pumps.)
P - Prolactin
Result: 110 mIU / L
Reference range: 65-405
Sample material: Plasma
Date: 11th may 2021

Estradiol: <88 pmol/L
Reference range not specified, but I’ve got <55 before taking anything at all, if I remember correctly, everything below 150 pmol/L is in the reference range.
Date: 27th April 2021

Those labs look pretty good. I doubt it’s really gyno. If you pinch deep into your nipple (directly under it) is the lump there? Or off to the side a little? And how big?

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Pinching directly below the nipple and doesn’t find anything feeling abnormal. It’s 1-2cm to the right side of my nipple that I can feel a small lump the size of around 1 pea (the round Green vegetable), the shape is like this letter “I”.

So can I, but I have never had gyno. I do get breast pain after dosing changes that subsides after a several weeks.

You don’t have gyno.

Okay, thanks for sharing that you had experience the same thing in regards with changing the dosage. I feel a bit calmer now. In your opinion, is it best to stay on my dosage or should I lower it one step?

Sounds like a lymph node man. I wouldn’t worry. They can get inflamed if fighting something off, or allergies or just randomly.

Okay, that sounds good to me. Thanks for the help

Gyno is the appearance of pubescent breasts in a teenager which is puffy and round breast tissue. Look up puffy tits online and you will see what gyno really is. Tenderness or itchy nipple could be as simple as hair follicles growing manly chest hair due to rising androgen levels. Take it easy and stop feeling or squeezing. Get to the gym and work out instead. It takes a great deal of a hormone imbalance to get gyno. Not all, but most men that undergo gyno surgery simply want flatter pecs, and have had a bout of gyno as teens that didnt go away.