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Increased Test, Started Sweating More. Lower the Dose?

Started 2 months ago 500/week Cypionate. Actually i started with 300/week for like month pinning once in 7 days and felt great, Then i went to 500mg and have been pinning E5D. I had little sweat things when started, they went away. But now i have started to sweat like a shit out of nothing, ofc here has been outside temperature high, it might confuse me or something. I am not sure if i should go back pinning 300/week E5D or E7D. No signs or anything of high E2, no itching nipples, no acne…

Stop being a pussy, its probably doing you some good, especially if have excess bf.

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bodyfat i can estimate max 12%. Just went to shoot a little blood test, hematocrit and things like that, will get results today. i bet my hemo will be near 200, hah. And oh yeah, the sweat was because was few warmest days of the summer…

From the pictures you sent you are closer to about 18% BF. People severly underestimate where they are at. For example, my Avatar… I caliper at 14-15 but scan about 16% via electronic analyis.