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Increased T3/T4 Dose, Started Losing Hair

I started TRT / HCG about 2 years ago. The “doctor” I started with put me on cream TRT and anastrozole that was far too strong. The TRT didn’t work but the anastrozole did so my estrogen levels went to basically nothing. After 2 months he put me on 200MG of TRT which spiked my T drastically. At that point I realized he was a nut job and I moved to Defy Medical who have been great. They balanced me out at 150mL of TRT, adjusted HCG, a very low dosage of Anastrozole and a thyroid T3/T4 dosage.

I feel great, I had a great 2020 and I put a lot of it down to TRT. I had a fantastic year at work, earned more than I could have dreamed of, with the pandemic I’ve spent more time with my wife and son - It’s been good ( I know it sounds nuts in the face of COVID)

BUT… What’s happening to my hair? It’s falling out in handfuls. My crown is now hairless, my forehead is about 3 times the size and my hair has gone really corse.

My last consult with Defy (2 months ago) he upped my dosage of T3/T4 and though that it may be the cause.

I’m only 29. I feel great but let me tell you… being bald at 29 ruins your self-confidence.

It sucks… Any suggestions?

You sure it’s not the… ya know… testosterone, causing the hair loss? T–>DHT–>hair loss.

Does hair loss run in your family?

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Hair loss does run in the family but not at 29 years old and I’m not convinced its male patern baldness, being that it was so sudden when my protocol started.

I figured I’d throw it on here and hope to hear if others have had problems or if I’m just screwed.

It’s definitely the testosterone.

You should start by blocking 5AR topically to stabilize your hair loss and potential look into using dermapen, minoxidil and even a testosterone androgen blocker like CB0301 or RU58841

Here are some pictures of my crown on Topical Dutasteride, baseline and 6 months after.