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Increased SHBG & Front Loading

So I was looking into front loading and the pros/cons of it. One of the major cons seems to be it causes an increase in SHBG.

Now looking into it a little further, it seems that estrogen is the cause of this increase. According to the two studies I read an increase in Adrogens would DECREASE the level of SHBG. Is this correct?

If it is the case, wouldnt the best route be to front load the steroid, and some how also front load an AI so as to prevent this increase in estrogen and corresponding increase in SHBG?

If im incorrectly drawing a cause/effect feel free to set me straight!

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Well even without the idea of front loading, isnt this significant? Ive heard of people using either Proviron or a compound like winny to battle SHBG, when that might be un needed?

lol if Im making a big deal out of nothing I apologize , its new to me = )
(and it also is MUCH more exciting than Disease State Management for which I am currently studying lol)

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Very timely topic as Bill Roberts has been outlining the mechanics/benefits of front loading recently. Interesting angle to know if additional AI fortification is necessary with the large initial dose involved with front loading and the quicker rise in blood levels.

As for SHBG Bill has clearly stated that it’s clout in undermining free T is vastly overstated. A recent post of his explained that elevated SHBG is more a symptom of low free T than a cause of it. Additionally he related that the amount of T that is rendered ineffective by being bound to SHBG is minute and really a non issue.

I do not know about the SHBG level requiring a higher AI dose… but i know that with higher aromatizing AAS levels one will need higher AI doses. For aromatase control.

So either way one would use a larger AI dose when using a larger dose of AAS, even if just for a frontload i would imagine. (Although i cant see that with the relevant half-lives/stable blood levels that the AI would be effective in such a short period - often no more than 1 week)