Increased Ejaculate Volume During TRT

Is this normal? Before TRT my ejaculate volume was weak due to my TT being only at 50ng/dl. Pretty quickly after being on TRT I noticed a rise in my volume. Now when I ejaculate its quite a lot, enough to make a mess for my girl if she doesn’t clean up immediately. I thought TRT reduced your ejaculate volume? Anyone have an explanation?

No it is not normal. Most report a major decrease in ejaculate volume after being on TRT for a period of time. Loss of penile sensitivity is also report quite a lot. One good thing in most cases your libido will be back.

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Yeah I have read about these. My penile sensitivity does not seem to be changed, my libido has been really good for the 4 months I have been on TRT. I can go 3+ times a day sometimes. But the ejaculate thing I couldn’t understand. I was expecting to have almost none, but I actually have been shooting out quite a lot.

Lets hope that continues. Many guys report they don’t care about the volume but I am one who really noticed a drop in climax feelings when I did not squirt a good size load across my ladies belly.

hahaha, I agree. Orgasms are so much more powerful when you feel that guy pump away. I hope it continues as well.

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I noticed the same, way more ejaculate on TRT v.s natural T, I have always responded to medications the opposite way. Klonopin/Clonazepam increased sex drive taking my hypersexuality to a whole other level.

I think the mechanism that increased sex drive on benzos was by the same mechanism that decreased my T in the first place after stopping benzos. Benzos broke something inside my pituitary gland.

Most notice decreased sexual ability on these benzos.

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Yeah dude, its crazy. Its been a wild ride on TRT for these four months. I cant believe how much I have responded to my 100mg/week dose. I was convinced I would need more than that due to my SGHB. I feel way better this week BTW. I think that whole bad week was some stress, I also used my left thigh this week which doesnt get used as much as my right. By the way, I am toying with the idea of using DIM, I saw you talking about it another thread. How was it for you?

I’m a DIM over-responder, in fact I over-respond to everything.

That’s what im afraid of. I have responded so strongly to just 100MG of T. If I take DIM PO I am worried I will overrespond

You can tell @hrdlvn that increasing his dose and eliminating his AI will increase ejaculate volume and increase penile sensitvity. Not that he’ll listen. He’ll keep doing it his way and keep complaining about the issue. I love reading funny stuff like this before bed :wink:

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Dial in your T dose. Do as frequent injections as possible. Erase E2 from your brain. Don’t touch DIM.

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Gotcha, my T dose is 100MG per week, 4 month blood work was as follows. TT 1276ng/dl(300-1000ng/dl) FT 124(40-200ng/dl). E2 45 pg/ml(17-42 pg/dl).

Those free T numbers will be in pg/mL. If you got your labs from LabCorp, they haven’t fixed their mistake yet.

If I was your doc, and you reported symptoms, I’d raise your dose further and ensure you were doing daily injections. Your free T is on the low end for my liking.


It is because my SHGB is high. It was originally 77, it as 64 on my last lab draw

I have been toying with the idea of doing injections every 3.5 days. I usually inject Sunday mornings, but I would end up doing Sunday mornings then Wednesday nights. Symptom wise I am fine. Generally have sex twice per day, three times yesterday. Gym performance is good, put on 7 pounds of muscle. I am just kind of seeing how it goes week to week

And u still ejaculate large volume each time? Wow. You may want to do porn…

Haha, well I wouldn’t say they are porn quality loads, but much more than when my T was low.

This I can attest to. When I was taking ai briefly it happened to me

TRT should NOT be decreasing Penile sensitivity. It should make it more pleasurable.

I don’t get big loads but it feels as if I am shooting big loads if ya know what I mean.

Am almost 43