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Increased Dosage 120mg - 150mg/Wk, Blood Results

Hey all,
So increased dosage 4 weeks ago from 120 a week to 150.
at 120 and blood drawn 96 hours post injection results were
Estradiol- 18.7

at 150 a week blood drawn 81 hours post injection
Test- 972
Estradiol- 41

Hemoglobin, 170 ( range- 129-165)
Hematocrit- .49 (range .39-.49)

Any thoughts on protocol change?

Nope. The numbers don’t really compare with that difference in draw. Is one of those close to trough? What is your injection frequency?

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First draw on 120 mg a week was 96 hours post injection, frequency once a week
Second numbers are 82 hours post injection, 150 mg once weekly

When doing once a week you have to be very consistent what time after injections you take blood

As you have seen by yourself there is an interval of very rapid fall in levels

You should probably donate blood given you crit levels. My doctor advised me to at similar levels.

Was wondering about that , although hematocrit is technically not high on lab however hemoglobin is

Your doctor would be incorrect here. Hct frequently goes up on TRT and is a non-issue, especially at 49. It’s erythrocytosis which doesn’t cause harm unless in the presence of symptoms such as high blood pressure etc.

Not to mention, some guys are so afraid of hct that they keep donating and wind up with an iron deficiency. Zero need to donate at 49.

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Thanks Dbossa, figured as much since starting trt it has always been in the .47-.49 range. I should mention this last test was a dynacare lab and not a life labs as usual so slightly different ranges. Any thoughts on my T and E numbers? I’m in Canada as well btw

I was under the impression that high hemoglobin and hematocrit increases the risk of stroke and can also worsen any stroke you do have.

Yup, that’s what we all believed for quite some time. We know better now as we’ve learned more on the subject. The biggest thing docs get afraid of is they confuse higher numbers like this as being polycythemia vera (high hct with a clotting issue, also a form of a blood cancer) so when numbers get high they panic. Meanwhile athletes use EPO to boost blood cell count to provide better oxygenation of the blood and better performance. People living at altitude automatically have higher hct levels and they aren’t all dropping dead or lining up at the blood banks. It starts being a genuine concern when it’s in the 60s. Below that, I wouldn’t be too concerned. I have yet to see it actually cause a genuine issue so far.


I’m not going to debate this one as I have no knowledge to do so, but having seen the effects of a stroke on a family member, its not a risk I want to entertain, so I’d like to minimise any possibility and would prefer to follow my TRT providers advice on this one.

Hey, if it makes you feel better to donate, by all means as you wont do any harm. Just keep an eye on ferritin. All I was saying was that it is typically unnecessary.

One more thing, there is a HUGE difference between a guy in great physical condition with high hct and a clinically obese guy with high hct. Keep that in mind.

Any thoughts on E level? It’s the highest it’s ever been , I’m not interested in AI

Not an issue at all

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Non issue.


Nothing to worry about, especially given your levels.

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I think it was a smart move.

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The thing is, labs without any context of symptoms are just numbers. How do you FEEL on this protocol? If you FEEL great, then don’t change anything. If you have issues, what are the issues?

You still need to email me! :slight_smile: