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Increased Confidence and Masculinity with Proviron (Masterolone)

Just got access to some Pharma grade Proviron for a good price, and I was wondering if anyone have any experience in running a “Proviron only cycle”?

Not to build mucles, not to become big or aggressive, but singularly to increase productivity, get a better mood and increased sex drive.

Anyone with experience from this?

I did a turinabol only cycle a little more than a year ago, and since then my sex drive has been crap and I easily get stressed in situations where I didnt use to get stressed. I also never have morning wood anymore.

Anyone tried Proviron only before?

My SHGB is Okay, my free testosterone is in the higher end, but my total testosterone is pretty low, together with my sex drive.

I’m considering to try out Proviron only for about 6 weeks, but I’m a little worried about how much of my natural testosterone it will suppress, and of course how servere the LDL/HDL lowering and increasing is. I’ve read that it’s very mild for the liver, and my enzymes are perfectly low.

What can I expect regarding mood, productivity, confidence and sex drive from trying this? Is it worth it?

Are you doing this because you want to see just how low you can make your testosterone? Because this will certainly get you there.


It’s basically oral DHT so the non-liver side effects will be hair loss and prostate enlargement if you’re susceptible. It has a reputation for increasing sex drive when taken with test.

All of it eventually. Taking androgens of any kind is suppressive. The only time where an oral only cycles isn’t stupid is for women on anavar.

You clearly aren’t afraid of purchasing a class 3 controlled drug for recreational use. You can add a test base for dirt cheap and then it won’t be stupid. Why not buy 10ml of test cypionate for $70 and some pins from Amazon for $20? That will last you 100 days at TRT levels and then your proviron use won’t be stupid anymore.

Thanks for sharing.

Honestly I’m considering it because:

  1. Life quality with stress and anxiety and low sexlife sucks

  2. I was thinking it wasnt very suppressive, so that it could be possible to run proviron e.g 6 weeks then six weeks off, then proviron 6 weeks etc.

So I’m curious to know if anyone have any experience in running proviron without other steroids, and only adding clomid to gain the benefits of the drug.

Better than purchasing a class I recreational drug for personal use in the mail lolololol.

Thing with proviron is, the reason is isn’t super suppressive is due to it’s insanely low oral bioavailability (bout 3%) so for every 25mg you’re absorbing about .75mg, take 0.75 of most AAS daily (aside from like… methyltren) and you wont experience full suppression, still a stupid idea though to run proviron by itself for “masculinity”… if you have symptomatic low T, you should look into TRT or lifestyle optimisation if it’s due to having a shitty diet, sleep patterns etc

100mg test + a bit of proviron for “masculinity” makes more sense I suppose. Crashing E2 due to hypogonadism + proviron (further presence of hormonal suppression) just sounds like a recipe for osteoporosis long term

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