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Increased Conditioning Bonus Effect on Lifts


Long story short, I’ve signed up for a charity boxing night in November so have been getting destroyed via push ups sit ups and all sorts of old school conditioning. Dropped my lifting volume but after 6-8’weeks my fitness has increased a lot and today, I had a small window to get a workout in and the lifts just went up that little bit easier. The FSL lifts ( squats ) just flew up and I needed much less rest in between. Was finished so quickly I did overhead press main and FSL.

Awesome! I haven’t been able to do intense conditioning for years due to my knee but the boxing doesn’t seem to hurt it. My head and ribs maybe, but not my knee. So far the lowered volume in my weights hasn’t hurt my lifts, seem to be maintaining, and going by today I think I could still slowly add strength. Feels great to find an intense conditioning I can do.

Big thanks jim.


1/2 Knee -

This is great to hear. We have noticed that with our current training set up, our strength and aerobic capacity improved greatly; just by using a specific 5/3/1 program.

Keep your hands up and never forget to “occasionally” hit below the belt. Good luck!