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Increased Calorie Intake


I am trying to increase my food intake but find myself being sleepy more often especially during the day. I'm getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night so that's not a issue. I'm also finding it had to concentrate when I'm really sleepy at work, before and during workouts. Do increased calorie intake make anybody else lethargic and sleepy? Would Spike be helpful for this?


Spike could be helpful.However,If you're trying to take in more food you might feel a little more tired than you usually do.When you're eating a meal every couple of hours your body is expanding quite a bit of energy so that it can fully digest the food.


I just changed my goal to fat loss and noticed more energy with less calories (mainly from carbs).

Maybe it's too high for you, or maybe your body will get used to it.

How much did you go from and to?

Did you increase the calories gradually?