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Increased Body Temp


yesterday i started practicing with some people for a flag football league. i ran all over the place. probably about 400-500 yards of running in the 2 hrs we practiced. it doesnt seem like that much, but i dont do any cardio and i was pretty tired after. this morning i got up at 7:30 and noticed that my body temperature was higher than usual.

i didnt measure it or anything, but my face was burning, but not to the touch. it didnt subside until a little after 10 either. so i was wondering...

is that an expected result of training that way? is there any way to prevent it?


Why are you posting this in the bodybuilding section?


It’s likely because you are not accustomed to this type of work.

Either that or you’re dehydrated as a result of it.

Training like this consistently and staying hydrated will allow your body to adapt to it.