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Increased Body Heat


I'm running 800 mgs per week of test E right now, with a few shots of TNE pre-workout, for a total of around 1200. My body temperature feels like it is up significantly. I always get a little warm when on, but this is kind of ridiculous. I can feel the heat just radiating off my body.

Any tips on how to control this?


I get the same thing, bro...my body seems to run naturally warm anyway (always comfortable or warm when others are slightly chilled) and it's increased significantly on cycle. It doesn't help that it's summer, of course. But even in air-conditioned rooms I'm often still burning up.

I don't know that there's anything you can really do or take for it, it's probably just a metabolic side-effect from the AAS...maybe someone else will chime in here with some ideas?


Interestingly, testosterone supplementation in castrated adult male Quails lead to a significant decrease in body temperature.1 The castrated male quails ran a higher body temperature than their non-castrated counterparts, but the difference disappeared after testosterone supplementation began.

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really, other than now that I know Quails can tolerate testosterone shots well, I can finally fulfill my dream of getting the QBBF (Quail Body Building Federation) up and running. Get ready for some big-billed feathered freaks Summer 2013!

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