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Increased Bilirubin on TRT


I have been watching my Bilirubin since starting TRT. Had some ups and downs but recently I started to be over the range on several of my tests. The range is something like .0-1 mg/dl. My last test came in at 1.5, I waited a month, cut back on alcohol and retested. It went up. 1.9 this time.

I spoke with my doctor and I realized that since I increased my TRT, I noticed the increase in Bilirubin.

I asked my doctor to bring up the charts of my Bilirubin, and the chart for my hematocrit.

As my HCT increased, so did my Bilirubin, which makes sense because Bili is old red blood cells.

The charts were literally almost exactly the same. When one went high, so did the other, and they followed a trend.

This gave me a little bit of relief, seeing that it is my increase in RBC’s that is causing the increase in Bilirubin. The doctor agreed that she thought this was the cause. Highly respected doctor, who I also trust very much.

We agreed to watch it over the next few months, and to watch for any signs of jaundice. She isn’t really concerned though.


Interesting. Never heard of bilirubin going up like that. I’m curious what your HCT% was with that elevated bili level?


Never over the limits. Very much within. I just noticed that as it increased, so did bili.