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Increased Aggression From Training?


Has anyone experianced an increase in aggression, and think there might be a correlation to training??

I'm rarely an aggressive person. But I have noticed after a couple weeks of heavy training, just about anything will set me off.

I haven't noticed this with maint. or hypertrophy training. But now I'm focusing on maximal weights, and this is when I notice it.

During a heavy training session I sometimes want to get in a fight. Even on my off days.

Anyone ever notice this?

Also my sex drive has been out of control.

And no I'm not on Alpha Male.


I personally notice an increase in aggression after a great athletic performance by myself of course, or an amazing sexual encounter, as well as intense squat and deadlift days. So I guess the answer to your question would be... YES


Lifting tends to up your testosterone levels, so it would follow that lifting might make you more aggressive.

I get the same way when I lift. I'm glad I have a home-gym, otherwise I might actually pick a fight with someone.


I feel that aggression when I work out to. I hate when people disturb me. It sets me off. Aggression- good for pr's, bad for social life.


I got more aggressive when I got bigger and stronger and could backup my shit talking.

I've always had an aggressive nature though. That's why I'm drawn to things like powerlifting that let me act it out in a productive way.

if I didn't powerlift I'd end up killing someone.


I find im way more aggressive and when im in the need for a deload week, forget about it. Anything will set me off. Asking me for a piece of gum will get you chewed out.


I guess I'll ad my two cents. I work out on a 4 day on, 1 day off schedule...So if working out made me aggressive, I would be aggressive ALL the time. So no...I notice no difference in aggression.


I tend to be really hard and blunt with people when conversation turns to training. I think training in general kinda subconsciously increases your ego. When health newbies start asking me questions about my training or diet I tend to get a bit snappy, almost like I don't think there is any way that person could discipline themselves at my level and they should stop wasting my time (90% of the time anyways).

I'd also say, when I am having a bad training day I get infuriated, like I just wasted a week of healing just to end up worse off. It also gets me ticked when the person I am training with doesn't remember what we are supposed to be doing. Any indication that my training partner has his mind elsewhere sets me off. And on the other end, a really good workout can get me going, but for the most part, my aggression is related to how pissed of I get at the little things that tend to piss me off when I train.


Yea, that happened to me when I was about 22. I wish it still happened. :slightly_smiling:


Yes. I've always been agressive though. One of the main reasons I don't have a lifting partner, I listen to my tunes and I toss myself into a rage just thinking. People tend to talk inbetween sets and I lose my intensity that way.

I think some of it could be self confidence boost to - you get/feel bigger you feel like no one should screw with you.

At least thats how my 18 year old angsty ass is when I lift. :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm glad someone brought this up. I have been experiencing this over the past couple of weeks after lifting. Occasionally after I run too (3.1 miles, I wanna do a 5k sometime soon). Almost any little thing pisses me off. Any way to control this? Or is it just the "Hulk" in us coming out?


Playing Rugby and Training on the side requires agression, but i often find that if im really fuckin' pissed at somthing then training will cool me down and let me just put that pissed of energy into muscle training energy.

Sex drives will get hightened too, just think of arnolds words "When im lifting its like im cumming, like when im having sex with a woman,.... i am cumming in front of thousands of people". Oh that Californian Govenor.


I've been more agressive since I started powerlifting.

Times when it manifests itself:

-working at the bar (I'm surrounded by idiots)
-when people criticize the war in Iraq etc.

There's nothing wrong with being aggressive...It's that whole "Testosterone" thing.



I've been using Spike over the past couple of weeks as well. Would that increase my agression after workouts as well???


The war in Iraq sucks.


I would not get devil dog started if I were you. The last thing you want is a pissed off Marine in an agression thread. =D

As far as the original question, I totally agree. But I am an agressive person overall, since my original days fighting back when I was 13 or so. Before, and especially during a hard work out, I get very agressive. After I'm normally too wiped to do much other than eat.

When I'm in hard strength or power cycles, my agression is very high. It always has been whether on Alpha Male or not. I have been known to scream, or growl, or cuss at the heavy bar or my training partner who is not working out to his full potential at that moment.


""I would not get devil dog started if I were you. The last thing you want is a pissed off Marine in an agression thread. =D""

Hopefully he knows I was fucking with him on purpose. :slight_smile: Not that that shouldn't piss him off.


It's cool. I laughed out loud. But that's why I stay out of the politics thread...my blood pressure SERIOUSLY goes up.



Mine too. You have seen that first hand. =D


you know, as with steroids which has been proven over and over again, testosterone in your body or injected will not make u aggressive, if your an asshole before the juice, you'll just be a bigger asshole. if you feel agressive from training, its just your new found inner asshole coming out.

Theres a difference between tough mental concentration and just being mad for no reason. Whats worse is being pissed at someone trying to ask you information. I was once one of those younger lifters that was asken for info, and luckily i got a mentor, but just go easy on the nubies, all they want is your information.

And when im approached i take it as a complement, and also make it my duty to set them straight and keep them safe in the weightroom