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Increased Activity, Need to Increase Cals


Hello Everyone,
I started WS4SB about 2 weeks ago,because at 6 foot and 161 pounds I truly am a skinny bastard. I started to eat between 3100-3300 calories daily, getting at minimum 1.5 grams of protein/pound of bodyweight, and it definitely was helping(I started at 159 pounds). The problem is that tomorrow I start swim practice(I'm on the high school swim team-I turn 17 soon just in case age is necessary), and we swim for 2 hours in the morning, and it is intense.

So my question is, do I bump up 1000 more calories? What would be a good macro nutrient breakdown as well? Do I need to worry about excessive fat gain at all because I swim that much in the morning? I'm very confused so your help is very much appreciated. And sorry for annoying a lot of you reading this, but I figured that if I want to start right, I might as well ask the experts. Thank You.


Are you going to be swimming every morning? Which heats are you trianing for? WS4SB is a tough program if you're doing it right, so this in combination with intense swim training you may very well need to ramp your calorie intake WAY up to 5,000 - 6,000 calories ... and this is just for starters to see how you get on ... depending on how "intense" your training really is. Elite swim athletes can comsume anywhere from 8,000 - 12,000 calories per day to maintain energy levels.

A good macro nutrient breakdown? WHO CARES just EAT. Protein, carbs, fat, fibre. In your situation your probably talking about a lot of pastas, rices, Potatoes, breads, any kind of meat or fish you can get your hands on. Many athletes fail to reach their best because of glycogen depletion because they don't eat enough carbs. At worst you may find you need to cut back a little (and it will only be a little) but for an athlete this is a much better position to find yourself in than not getting enough.


If competing all day, you might have to go with a Michael Phelpsian diet:

But you're probably not competing all day, Tacking on an addl 1000 calories (4000ish) seems like a good estimate, and you can see how your body responds after a while.

Also, be careful the your weight training doesn't detract too much from your swimming. Or that your swimming doesn't detract much from your lifting... you may need to cut down on something.