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Increase Weighted Chin

How did you guys all go about incresing your weighted chin-up numbers? What programs did you use and what were the restults? I know we have some real pull-up beasts here, but I want to develop the rest of the body in addition to the vertical pull.

alt grip chinups are best for me

My biggest increases is when I did them twice a week for 3 sets of 5. Stay fresh and keep adding plates.

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The ME method for upperbody pulling is pretty straight forward. I would use pullups personally. Defranco uses them with his wrestling athletes (I can’t think of another sport that it’s necessary for…maybe field hockey).

I have my own DE(Dynamic effort) and RE (repetition effort) methods for upperbody pulling. RE method is if you need to gain more strength/hypertrophy than you do speed. It’s pretty much like Coach Staley’s EDT except with a set # not a set time limit. Hopefully you can do 12-15 pullups b4 you begin my parameters. I would multiply 5 by your max # of pullups and increment by 10 each week in your RE meso cycle.

Thats a lot of wordy shit hopefully it will make sense :-p

All your info can be found on This Thread:


I use the Westside method of Max Effort days to build up for heavy vertical pulling. I’m ridiculously fast as it is, and don’t weigh too much so I’m use the Repetition exercises rather than DE work.

Microcycle for RE Pullup work:

Week 1: 50 pullups as many sets as necessary
Week 2: 65 pullups as many sets as necessary
Week 3: 75-80 pullups as many sets as necessary
Week 4: Either no movement just Accessory work, or 2-3 sets of as many reps as possible.

DE Work- I use the same percentages used in a raw bench cycle. You would use those percentages with the Lat pulldown machine.

Week 1:83@50%
Week 2:8
Week 3:10*2@60%
Week 4: (Same as RE method)

Or you can scrap the percetages and just do the pullups with a “Kip”(full body explosion of legs and hips used to add momentum to your pullup, really uses a fraction of your bodyweight). I’d keep the #'s the same but just ditch the percetages. This would be a good idea if you still need to build some strength in your back muscles more so than “speed”.

All maximal lifting should be balanced out by one of these two training methods. Or a period of de-loading.

One technique I use in my assistance work that really helped to increase my weighted chin poundage is to use a super set.

Barbell Rows 33-5@75-85%/ Pullups 310


Weighted Pullups 33-5@ 75-85%/ Seated rows 315-20@45-60%

In my assistance work I vary hand positions usually pullup variation or the v handle variation.

Whenever I cycle pullups as my ME exercise again, I’m quite certain that I can pull a huge PR, maybe not bodyweight but 10-20lbs shy of it certainly. (i’m 180ish)

For now I’m working on my overhead lifts which SUCK. Hopefully I’ll balance that out and it will skyrocket my vertical pull also.

It all depends on your goals. If your lookin for hyerptrophy you wanna add enough weight that you can do somewhere between 6 - 12 reps still. And once you work up to being able to easily do 12 + reps with that weight add more.