Increase Waist and Shoulders

Very cool!
Would it be possible to know the scientific thing about “Which is the lean/fat muscle gain limit”?
For example, I weight 50kg, How do I calculate the maximum lean muscle and fat I could gain for my body?

I would have thought 70-75kg is achievable long term. Higher if you’re also carrying more body fat.

But again it comes down to your genetics, and also consistent training, effort, good foods.

I’m keen to see that log of yours starting with lifting updates etc.

If there were ever a situation for the GOMAD, this is it.


Btw I’m happy to update you guys I’ve reached the goal of +1kg per month!!


Nice job! Keep doing it.

Could my body reach this?
Expecially the big side abdomen muscles, which increase waist size! If Yes, how many years are left?

Can you, personally, reach that? I don’t know. But you can train to improve from where you are.

Here’s some options that will help train your “sides”:


T-Nation article

150lb Kettlebell Windmill, with instructions

Or with a dumbbell

Several ways to program it. Couple options: double progression 6-10 or 10-20. Start at the low end (say 6), add a rep every session or two. When you hit the top end of the range (say, 10), add 10 pounds and start over.

It’s important to keep the back leg straight.

Side bends

T-Nation article

And there’s these:

Are those possible with dumbbells?

Yes. You can use anything that you can make heavier over time. Kettlebells, dumbbells, buckets filled with gravel, etc.

IMO, the shape of your abs and obliques are far more dependent on your genetics than your training effort. Sure you can get the muscles larger, but their shape won’t change significantly.

From all my observations, I would say the shape of a person’s abs and obliques are more varied than any other muscle group. I, for one, like prominent obliques. They make the midsection look powerful. Others say that heavily developed obliques lessen the taper. It’s all personal preference

Now, if you don’t have enough muscle, or are too fat to see the muscle, you will have some work ahead of you to find out about where you stand relative to others whose abs and obliques are on full display.

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F around and find out.

I actually mean that: the only way to find out where you’ll end up is to walk the road

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From the pics, you can see I could have sloped and rounded shoulders.
Do you guys think I could fix this, working for a final result to have the body look overall with “large and raised” shoulders, instead of big traps, low and narrow shoulders?

My actual shoulder to waist ratio it’s 1.5


Do some stuff, adjust based on those results.

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What have you done in the last 2 months, or are you still wondering what is possible?

Hi there!
Since my first post, I’ve gained 5 kg’s!
I’m 52 KG right now!

I’d love to know why I am gaining weight when I eat 60ml of olive oil per day, but as soon as I drop that to 50ml a day, I will be stationary, so, I’ll not gaining any weight at all!

What’s the problem here?
Please let me know!

I think I’ve also gained some fat over my face, and I do not want to keep gaining “fat” but muscles instead.

My diet is

FAT 100GR (50ml) 110GR (60ML)


As long as you are engaging in resistance training and are working hard, you will gain muscle.

Great job so far.

How are your lifts? Are the weights going up?

It sounds like you should try 55 grams of olive oil.

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Since I do my weight measurements every 10 days, I’ll try this!

I just wonder if there is a formula we can use to get the perfect value of “safe fat intake” amount, to not gain any fat on your face, while bulking.
As I said, I’m +5KG’s now, and I see the muscle growth it’s incredible, but my face, it’s noticeably chubbier than before!

I found this Calorie And Macro Calculator (Bulking, Maintenance or Cutting) | Muscle Hacking
and the results are my diet yet

There is not.


How is the training going?

Which exercises are you using, what kind of training scheme, and how much progress have you made with them?