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Increase Testosterone on TRT While Adding 50mg of Anavar

I’ve been on TRT for about 17 months taking 200mg of cypionate a week and have accumulated some extra test over this time (I’ve never taken more than 200mg a week). I just received 50mg of Anavar and I was wondering if there would be any benefit of increasing my test dosage while taking it. If there are benefits, what would be the safe amount to temporarily add to my normal dosage? I want to get the most out of it while also be smart/safe. Thanks!

is this a typo? 50 mg of anavar is basically one day’s dose? Or do you mean you got a ton of 50 mg capsules?

350mg/week T + 50/day Anavar should have you seeing nice results with not a lot of extra puffiness that comes with 500mg T. I’m on a similar combo and it works

Thanks, I will give that a shot.

Ya, my bad. I just received a ton of 50mg of Anavar.

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I wanted to clarify your response. Are you on TRT as well and you increased your test to 350mg + the Anavar or are you just on a cycle with that? I’m wondering if there are any negatives of increasing the test temporarily during the duration of taking Anavar and then dropping back down afterwards. Would it make my normal dosage less effective when I drop back down as my body adapted to the increased test? Some medications or even something like alcohol are like that so is it the same type of thing? Do you build up a tolerance or is it nothing like that? My TRT has been pretty vanilla/basic up until now as I am adding Anavar and increasing test.

I’m on 200mg T Cypionate TRT normally but for shits and giggles I’m currently in an additional 150mg T Prop, 150mg Mast Prop and 50mg/day Anavar them will go back to TRT. There’s a short adjustment period between the two but it’s barely noticeable. I’ll drop my T dose to 275mg for a week or two before going to 200mg Kai to make the transition even smoother but it’s not necessary. It won’t effect your normal TRT. I tend to feel a tad bit better on 200mg but there really isn’t much difference between the feeling on 200mg and 350mg. For me at least.

Thanks man! Good luck!

I asked if there were any negative consequences if I were to increase my dosage (100mg is my normal amount) while I take Anavar. I was just being cautious as I didn’t want to do it without making sure it was safe and wouldn’t affect my TRT long term. People said that of course that I could since I will be on TRT for the rest of my life. What I forgot to include as information that I needed was:

How much would I need to increase my weekly dosage to notice a difference in body composition to where it makes doing that worthwhile? I have about 3 months of extra testosterone right now, so I can go up to 200mg per week for 3 months if I wanted to. Would going up to 125mg do anything? What about 150mg? 175mg? 200mg? I don’t want to go above 200mg… If it’s not going to do much and it’s barely noticeable since it’s very temporary, then I won’t end up increasing it.

Also, do I have to slowly go up and then slowly back down to my normal dosage? Thanks again!

Following. I have some saved up as well. I like to run extra. But then would have no back up saved up

Watch your bp.

Hypertension is no joke. Damage is real and does not recover.

I would like to hear how safe a short Anavar cycle on top of TRT is. Surely much stronger than just increasing T. Does anavar hurt your lipids, liver, or anything particuarly hard?

It did mine but they returned after stopping

I’ve done Anavar 2 times before while on TRT (didn’t increase dosage either time) and my labs looked great afterwards both times without taking anything for the liver. Maybe because it’s very high quality stuff. My doctor said (and he knows what he’s talking about unlike some TRT docs that I’ve read about on here) that I didn’t need to take anything and I was skeptical based on what I read here as well as on other sites. He was right. I get my labs done regularly just to make sure everything looks good.