Increase Test or Add Primobolan

I’ve increased again from 120mg/week up to 300mg Testosterone Cypianate and 1mg Anastrozole for the Estrogen. I’m taking a break from Nandrolone this time due a bit of deca dick (I think I lowered my Test dose too soon previously without taking into account the longer clearance time for Decanoate). I’m also skipping the Oxandrolone for now as well. I’d like to increase my protocol to get better gains and didn’t know if it was better to simply increase the Testosterone or supplement with Primobolan. All guidance is appreciated.


“Better” is a bit subjective. I think Test has more bang per buck, it’s also a bit better on the lipids, and probably better for hair (if hair loss is something you care about / are prone to. Primo is good for a drier look, it can also reduce the amount of AI you need (this seems a bit individual), and it is pretty good if you are worried about high blood pressure compared to a lot of Test.

I am a Test guy myself. Perhaps the only AAS I’ll use going forward (Tbol and EQ maybe, but probably not). Being the main sex hormone in men comes with some advantages. Sides from estrogen, they have a pill for that, androgenic sides (hair loss, body hair growth, acne), also there is a pill for that. It doesn’t seem to mess up lipids as much as all the other AAS, but they have a pill for that too if you need it. I don’t think you can get a cleaner cycle regarding negative sides than just test and ancillary drugs (I’ll use an AI during a blast, and I use 5 ar inhibitors during blasts and while cruising).

Thanks for the advice. I am concerned about my hair and thought just adding 100mg or so per week of Primobolan wouldn’t be safe on my hair but I of course don’t know. The dosages I hear thrown around are so much higher than I am considering.

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I don’t think 100 mg of primo will do much of anything unless you have Mr. Olympia genetics, or run it for at least 6 months.

I am asking for debate from a few regular posters here who I don’t see eye to eye with regarding 5 ar inhibitors, but I’d suggest you at least look into that if hair loss is a concern.

Not too long ago I wrote a bunch of replies in a finasteride (one of the two main 5 ar drugs) thread. You can read through that here to get both sides.

Agreed. It will definitely have a negative effect on your hairline though.

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