Increase Test Last 4 Weeks of First Cycle? (pics added)

Since I am nearly 11 weeks into my first cycle (lower dose, 16/17weeks) - I was thinking to boost my test to give an extra edge, continue progressing, and get the most out of the back end of my first cycle.
I have 5 amps left of test depo 250. I have been dividing them into 8 days which equals 219mg week. I was thinking to divide this last set of 5 into 6 days which equals 292 week for the last 30 days.

Good idea? Pros/Cons to doing this?

I would love to see before cycle and current status pictures to see what you have gained from 11 weeks at 220mg. I know it’s likely not drastic but would genuinely would love to see it.

I doubt you’d notice any difference whatsoever going from 220mg to 300mg for a month.

Knowing what you know now do you wish you would have run a higher dose from the start?

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It would be hard to say whether I wish I would have run a higher dose, because I didn’t experience a higher dose cycle to genuinely compare. It would only be guessing, but I am happy with my decision. Since I am 45, I could feel the 220mg created a pretty significant increase in test which kick started my workout routines back to much more intensity and regular schedule due to minimal recovery time needed. I have lots of room to increase dosage over future cycles, and I had minimal sides as well.

I know the hard part will be once the cycle ends and continuing to maintain as much as I can. If we did not plan to have one more child in 2 years, then I would probably just go TRT with something like 120-150mg/week between cycles. That is my plan once future child is conceived.

I did take two quick before pics, so I will try to take two similar pics in the next few days and post. I have moderate gains everywhere with more significant gains in shoulders - like you said nothing drastic but definitely noticeable by everyone around me.

Thanks Dex for asking for pics. I probably would not have taken them, and I am glad to have them now as a reference.

Day 02 of First Test Cycle (did not think about before pics until then):

After 11 weeks of 200-220 test + HCG:

Day 02 of First Test Cycle:


After 11 weeks of 200-220 test + HCG:

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You’ve made some sick progress… but the question is… what’s you’re baseline? If you come off, recover to like 300ng/dl, you’ll likely lose everything

More risk for various potential side effects


more gains

Thanks for the compliment. I always wanted to try testosterone, and I had the opportunity to get it cheap and legally living in Eastern Europe. I do not know my baseline, but I had no real symptoms of low T other than just age reducing it little by little. I know the hard part starts trying to maintain after the cycle. I do not think I am close to my genetic potential, so I hope to keep a fair amount with continued solid workouts and good diet.