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Increase T Dose Over Time to Offset Tolerance?

All this may seem like a silly question , but once i start taking testosterone will my dose be able stay constant over the years ( provided i feel good and labs are good) or will i have to bring up the dose over time due to the body building resistance( think hard drugs alcohol antibiotics) ?

Sorry for a possible silly question!

Yes once you find the optimal dose you should be able to stay at that dose for some time.

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Thank you for answering my question!

Hard to say, it’s possible that you’ll develop resistance later on, but not because of your dose, but just because you’re getting older and things don’t work as well as they once did. Everyone is unique in this respect.

But so what, you’re not going to end up running a body builder cycle full time, just to feel well. If you have to adjust it a bit every few years, who cares. Heck if you get healthier you may end up needing to lower your dose some to feel your best.

Dexter is right though once dialed in you should be good for quite a while.

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Testosterone cypionate is so close to the real mccoy that the body doesn’t even know the difference. There is no tolerance like you get with prescription drugs.

Now as your body changes, you will need to adjust the dosage from time to time.