Increase Strength & Size Trail 1 12 Weeks

Current weight 128lbs. Bodyfat 10%. Age 48.

Maintenance Calories 1475 (tested october 9th, 21 - january 13th 22)

New Calories 1833

Protein 125g 27%
CHO 23g 5%
FAT 138.4 68%

95% PALEO/KETO - Meat, Eggs, Fish, Nut Butters, Nut Beverages, Greens, Oil, Mayo, Seasoning, Fruit Bars, Fruits, Veggies, Mrs. Dash, Pink Salt, Tea and Water Only.


IF 10hr 3 meal feed,14hr fast

sample refeed day: planning refeeds around dates w/wife. some will be clean, some will be dirty. it is what it is. my “plan” is to have a single CHO driven meal around something i have been craving (pizza, sandwich, burrito, cake or ice cream). my plan is to choose 1 option clean or dirty but we will see.

zero supplements, i want to try whole food. i do take balance of nature fruit and veggie capsules. what can i say, they got me with that dam infomercial.

I dropped my protein powder, no reason just wanted whole food for once to see how it goes. i have been using isolate forever so this will be fun.

my body responds well to low carb, high fat with a refeed every two weeks. i pretty much follow the “Gironda System”

training 60mins every 3 days. TRAIN/CARDIO/REST, repeat

Re-starting 02/05/22 - Test E, 50mg x 2 per week sub-q
no other gear/meds!

my 1 day CHO binge turned into a 2 day fucking binge. still bloated but trained anyway. we all been there right! fucking binges!

weight 129.0
calories 1500 (i can not huff down the 1800 today)

90lbs x 6
85lbs x 8
80lbs x 10
75lbs x 12

a. incline press 85lbs (20lbs per side/bar) - 2 x 15 (lite accessory)
b. neck press 85lbs (20lbs per side/bar) - 2 x 15 (lite accessory)
c. skull crush 45lbs (15lbs per side/ez bar) - 2 x 15 (lite accessory)
d. leg press 50lbs - 2 x 15 (lite accessory)

still a little bloated from binge. waiting one more day for full 1800 calories. i will hit 1500 calories today

Rest Day
15min jog
15min walk

bloat from CHO binge is gone. feeling lean/mean.

1500 calories today. still not 1800 but i will get there

Testing my 1RPM today. Starting 55-60% (165lbs) next week.

225lbs x 1
245lbs x 1
265lbs x 1
285lbs x 1

285lbs x 1 (1 RPM 45/45/10/10/10 per side + bar)

a. weighted chin ups 25lbs - 2 x 15 (lite accessory)
b. bent rows 115lbs (35lbs per side/bar) - 2 x 15 (lite accessory)
c. dumbbell shrugs 50lbs - 2 x 15 (lite accessory)

i tweaked my lower back on my last pull. limped out of gym. keeping fingers crossed it goes away quick. sucks!

I’m impressed with that pull at your weight.

You’re a lean, aesthetic dude. How “all-in” are you on gaining weight? Your goals are not my business; just curious

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i just updated my entire post. i had to tweak a few things, my OCD is a mofo.

right on man, thx for the reply. i am serious about gaining some weight. i look and feel amazing and i know i am strong but i just hate seeing such a low number on the scale. thank god my wife only weighs 110lbs otherwise i would feel like a minion.

i am only 5*6 so i am close.

i do not have a goal weight in mind. i am raising my calories by 400 per day over the next 12 weeks to see how it goes. this log keeps me motivated and on track.

i am open to tweaks. my biggest problem is food. i am literally at my tipping point with the amount of food a can get down. i hate it but after about 900g of cooked food per day i feel maxed out. i eat about 300g cooked per meal.

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I’m the opposite - I have to focus on keeping my weight down. @flappinit may have some solid advice here.


right on! thx again.

i have an overwhelming amount of success using IF. i started with the leangains method and did it faithfully for about 5 years. last year i moved into a 10hr feed, 14hr fast since i am so lean and it works awesome for me.

i understand there are mixed feelings about it. it works for me. i also do low carb with a weekly refeed “vince gironda system” and it helps.

i still have my binge fuck ups every few months but i deal with it. i am keeping this log to see how i do with no binges. binges are fun but they set me back because i skip the gym when i feel bloated and like shit and i barley eat food for a few days.


That’s all the data you need!


Sounds like it’s working for you, like @TrainForPain says. He tagged me because I’ve mentioned frequently that eating a ton of food is way harder for me than most people. I’m a bit of a white-knuckler when it comes to just doing things like that, but spices, hot sauce, and learning to cook a variety of vegetarian dishes and adding chicken to them afterwards all help a ton.

Again - if it’s working, don’t mess with it. Just pay attention to your “binges” - I don’t really know what you mean by that - for some people on here, a “binge” is just a bit too much lean meat, and for other people, a binge is days of sugar gorging. If your binges are leaning towards the latter, even if infrequently, it’s a sign that your body is not satisfied with your base levels of nutrition.


Right on man, good looking out.

I thought we all use the term “binge” the same.

Anytime I use that word I am exclusively talking about a CHO binge. Shit man I would love to huff down a buch of chicken. Nope, I turn to sugar.

It goes something like this:
Day starts with a treat meal, moderate but rewarding like some pancakes or a slice of cake.

The rest of the day is suppose to some pasta or rice. But nope, I go back and finish the cake. Then say “fuck it” and head to the store and get ice cream. A pint!

Then afternoon rolls around and I tell myself, I already fucked up so might as well go buy those candy bars you have been craving.

By bedtime I am full, happy but not satisfied so I end up with a bowl of cereal with cheesecake.

Next 3 days I feel like swimming off baby beach hoping for a shark attack.

That is a binge. They set me back at least 4 days with lost training and calories.

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woke today and could hardly get out of bed due to slipping my lower back yesterday testing my 1RPM.

resting for the next 4 days solid with good solid nutrition. it is what it is.

Feeling better today. going to sit around the house and eat fresh wahoo (ono), eggs, ect and hopefully NOT grab ice cream or a shave ice. I will prevail!

benefits and setbacks of living in Hawaii. Fresh fish and shave ice.

actually i was investing the time reading the forums, getting to know some of you.


I just read your bio. We are the same height, however, I was born when you went to your first contest in ft.walton beach so you have a few years on me, lol.

since you have so much experience with the golden era i was wondering about the diets back then. i studied gironda’s guys and was a huge fan of ric drasin and bummed he past away.

he made several videos clearing the rumors that arnold and most of guys actually did stay away from carbs until sunday (junk day). he said many times “we all did what vince told us to do but some would hide it”

for the CHO doubters!
“You question me on our carb intake and our protein intake when we train so hard and many of you asked its impossible to train and get big on the amount of carbs we were taking in, well no its not”
-ric drasin (RIP)

just wondering your thoughts. most of todays info will focus toward carbs.

thanks for taking the time

If you’d like to see some more high protein/fat and low carb approaches to training and nutrition, check out Jon Andersen, who was recently featured here

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Being on the east coast, we didn’t know much about diets suggested by Vince Gironda. Up through 1976, I just kept protein high and cut back on processed foods and all sugar, plus never adding any fat to my diet. I figured the fat in meat and eggs was sufficient.

When we learned of the success of Joe Means in the 1976 Mr America, winning Most Muscular and not being overly large, we had to know what his secret was. It didn’t hurt that he was from South Carolina and not too far from where we lived. We heard his diet the final weeks was tuna fish and lettuce. I’m not saying that was his diet, just that we heard that it was. I tried it once, but got extremely weak and eventually flat for a show. I dropped the extreme low fat, low carb aspect of my contest diets going forward. What I did keep was a closer eye on carbs.

So, from 1977 on, I cleaned up my diet 12 weeks out from the show I was targeting. That is, I totally removed all processed foods and sugars (desserts, etc). From what was a maintenance diet for my training weight of 240lbs, I reduced the carbs a little every week or so. To do this effectively, I did what I call the idiot diet. I ate the same thing everyday (varying the types of carbs and greens). I stopped almost all fruit. I thought they had too much sugar in them. I never got down below what I would guess was about 150g of carbs. (I had very unpredictable results carb depleting and carb loading, I never tried it after 1978. Once I hit it right, but usually I was too flat.)

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right on thanks for the reply.

have an awesome weekend

thanks man. good looking out!

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I should mention that I didn’t know anyone in town who had ever competed in a bodybuilding contest, and for the very most part very few people tried to improve their body composition by weight lifting or otherwise. I was a pioneer in my corner of the universe. Diets were pretty much a pioneer effort too. There was no internet. The only media information were the “muscle” magazines. There were four to choose that I was aware, i.e., Weider’s, Hoffman’s, Lurie’s, and Rader’s. We eventually migrated to Rader’s Ironman Magazine as the best source for all rational approaches to putting on muscle. I resisted a little as I had come to hope that the routines of the champions illustrated in Weider’s magazine were the holy grail.

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I have heard that from many golden era guys.

I do not think its a coincidence that all the guys from that era had amazing shape with less food, training and drugs.

These days we have a ton of drugs, food and weights and that v taper shape is gone.

i ended up with a lumbar strain. rested in bed for 6 days straight. back in the game. added stretching to my deadlift day. need to go lite for a few weeks.

1800 calories today. 1lb of lamb, 4 eggs, veggies, cheese, oil, water, tea, fruit bar

90lbs x 6
85lbs x 8
80lbs x 10
75lbs x 12

a. incline press 85lbs (20lbs per side/bar) - 2 x 15 (lite accessory)
b. neck press 85lbs (20lbs per side/bar) - 2 x 15 (lite accessory)
c. skull crush 45lbs (15lbs per side/ez bar) - 2 x 15 (lite accessory)