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Increase Protein?


Right now I'm at about .7g/lb of body weight. I know that's a good start but not good enough. Here's my question: will going from 0.7 to 1.0 really make that much difference? What's the research show and your experience show?

I already feel like I'm spending quite a bit of money just to get this much protein: I swear I eat a half a bird a day! I just need a little encouragement to spend the extra money on protein drinks, etc., i.e. that it's really worth the cash.


Try going up to or even over 1 g/ lb / day, train heavy of course, try following one of the good workouts here. The way I see it, is try it for about a month and see if you notice any significant increases, if not cut back a little.


I would go at least 1g per lb of body weight. As for protein supplements, they do have their place. In my opinion a slow digesting protein blend(Grow!) before bed is essential. If you want to spend the money on it, it's up to you. If you think about it, it's rather cheap. Grow! is $23/15 2 scoop servings that's $1.53 for 40g of the highest quality protein you can buy. You can't really beat that!


By the way, if you weigh 200 lbs its only a shake or two more to get your 1g per pound....


I suppose it's all about your workout/your goals. Because of its thermic effect, protein is great for dieting phases. Not to mention that it takes the place of carbs at the same time.

To 'need' much more than what you're taking now for 'growth' your workouts will have to be intense and consistant.
Otherwise, your body has plenty of protein at that level for maint. and even growth.

At higher levels it's just a substitute for other nutrients to get in your overall cals.


It's not that difficult to get 1g/lb. I get a 5lb tub of whey hydrolisate protein( Something like Optimum Nutrition(ON) or Designer Whey). This is usually around $30 or so. Every day I eat three scoops, which is around 65g of protein. Now you can choose to make a shake with all three scoops to drink around workout time or you can mix the scoops with drinks or yougurt throughout the day. At any rate it's pretty cheap and takes off a big chunk of your daily protein needs. The rest is made up with food.

Dump two scoops with some ice cream post workout, while blending the third one with a small amount of skim milk somewhere in the day. Protein is cheap that way. You'll spend way more money on food trying to get 65g of protein every day. Think about it.


ON and Designer Whey are whey concentrates, not hydrolysates. I think ON has a little bit of isolate too. Designer is not very good quality at all, I'd stay away.


i wiegh 190 and i cant find a cheap protein that has around 30-40 grams of protein in it for under $35(i have no job)i know yall seem to like Grow!,but ive never seen it in a store,i eat around 60-70gs a day(strange that its not enough by most peeps stanards but i get stronger everyweek...ive been doing this for 2 years but only gone heavy since june)


Grow! is sold on this site. You're going to need a hell of a lot more protein than 70g. Read the articles by Berardi, Lowery and Barr on this site.


yeah i know,its crap for just about anyone but its all i can get right now


It's a blend of isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate, seems like the standart combo for most proteins. What should it say?


You know, until you make the jump and start getting at least 1g/lb/day or more, you won't know what you're missing.

Here's my personal experience since upping protein to 1g/lb/day (although I always get more than 1g, usually closer to 1.25/g):

-Strength gains
-Faster recovery
-Gains in size

I tell people I talk to that they're probably not getting enough protein. I think People have a tendency to not want to believe it, but its true.

It's something that you're going to have to experience for yourself. So do it!!


This is what I needed to hear. Actually, I have heard it before, so I'll just do it.

But what I was also interested in is if increased protein was much better than supps. And when I think about the posts (in general), protein is much more integral.

So I think I'm going to lay off all supps and just do the protein thing.

Thx for the tips...


What?!? I'm pretty lean, but I don't weigh no friggin 100 lb! :slight_smile:


Try tuna, cottage cheese, eggs, milk, cheese, nuts, Sardines. All of that stuff is pretty cheap.

Increase your consumption of birds to a whole bird.



I view protein powder as a food and not a supplement, as it just helps me get adequate amounts ever day. I have a whey protein that I use as well as a blended protein (yummy, yummy, Grow!). It's VERY challenging to get over 1g/lb a day without having a protein "supplement" around.

Here is what I would consider essential supplements aside from protein powder:

-Fish Oil
-Multi Vitamin

That, along with adequate protein intake and smart eating, will get you a long way. Later, once everything is dialed in and working for you, then you can try a supplement and you'll be able to fairly judge whether it works for you or not.


i know what to eat,trust me ive been reading for a long time,i honestly have no control over what my parents buy...but im gonna beg and plead for $50 a month for protein powder(that will give me 80g a day+ my 60-70g a day=140g-150g which is much better then what i get now


I've read a lot of great things about fish oil, but I'm curious what your reasoning was and why you think that's an absolute essential?


From JB's site...

Without them, health and body composition will suffer...the downstream metabolic products of ALA (DHA and EPA) are powerful fats responsible for things like: increased metabolic rate, improved fat burning, increased carbohydrate storage in muscle, better glucose and insulin tolerance, reduced blood lipids, reduced risk of platelet aggregation, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

I'd say that,




How much do you take each day? Also, can you pm me JB's site?