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Increase Power and Strength without Gaining Mass

My name is Josh, and I am trying to find a good balance with respect to my gym regiment. I have been lifting for about four years. I have hit novice max’s putting me in the 1200 lb club when I weighed about 225 lbs.
I enjoy the strength that came along with the size, but that weight just wasn’t functional for everything I enjoy doing outside of the gym. Namely, surfing. I currently ride for my university’s NSSA surf team and cannot afford to put on weight, as it will adversely effect my board sizes/ volume and my ability to ride smaller surf. (as it stands I am 6’3 sitting at 205lbs.)

I want to increase my strength and power, while maintaining a functional and flexible body composition.

Do you have any program recommendations and/or directions in which you can point me?

I only know enough to get by, and I am searching for a way to get to my proverbial “next level.”

Thank you for your time,


Crossfit WODS !

Train whilst eating at a caloric maintenance.