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Increase Max Bench While Adding Size?

I plan on using the Training For Maximal Size routine by Joel Marion for the next 12 weeks. In the program it does not make use of the barbell bench press, it uses a 30-degree incline dumbbell bench press. Will this still be able to increase my max bench press, although the barbell bench press isn’t actually used in the program?

Who cares?

Do the program, you’ll learn a lot about how your body responds. And if your new to this, anything works. Have fun.

Are you interested in maximal size or maximal strength? If one of your primary goals is to improve your bench strength, you probably shouldn’t pick a program called “Training for Maximal Size.”

Having said that, you don’t actually have to perform a particular lift to improve it. Incline can help if you’re weak off the chest. Military press will help if your shoulders are holding you back. How effective dips are depends on how you perform them.

The program has incline bench as well as dips and overhead pressing. It seems that he’s purposely stayed away from flat bench since most people work them too much. This method gives a change which should provide gains. Like most programs, the gains come from the change from what you’re used to. You strength will be preserved or improved for the reasons wfifer said.